Monday, December 2, 2013

First day back to College Street

All in all Cassie had a good first day today. She is in Taylor's class. Cassie sits beside Taylor in every class, except one and it isn't assigned seating. Jessica is in a different class. Though Devin is in her class and keeps bugging her. Devin sits at the back of the room. She misses her friends from grade 6, they don't have the same lunch breaks anymore.

She made a few new friends. One was named Lily, and Cassie says she looks ....different, but she is really nice. She gave her some chocolate at recess.

She has French everyday, which she says sucks. Someone made Cassie made today, they threw a piece of paper at her head, some boy name Dalton. Her old teacher, Mrs. Sanders is now her art teacher (guess she didn't like teaching at the high school).

She loves this class she is in, they had a supply teacher in french and the kids wouldn't be quiet and making everyone laugh. Devin was yelling at the teacher for no reason, saying "I'm sexy and I know it!"

Cassie decorated our tree today.

I made chicken thighs with Southern fried shake and bake spice. It smelled so good cooking, it was making me so hungry but it tasted even better! I also made some potatoes and cheese sticks, which were also good themselves.

On the walk here to the apartment we stopped at the Dollar Tree and I picked up more Icy Squares, they are a great chocolate, very delicious.

I watched the new episode of The Witches of East End, it was very neat. Freya tried on her new Wedding Dress, and she lost her powers in the last episode, so they are trying to figure out their enemy.

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