Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ok, rant time again, sorry.

I have to say this cause this seems to happen way to much.

TJ tells Cassie he is going to come over and then takes off to AD's not even 5 minutes later. I asked why he doesn't just ask AD to come over to Cassie's with him (since she is supposed to be Cassie's friend too) and he just mumbled and said he didn't want AD mad at him. I am SO not sure why she would be mad if he asked that but whatever. It just shows that we made the right choice in getting Cassie into a different school, since NO ONE wants to hang out with her at all from Prince Charles!

When someone says "I'm coming over" they don't usually have other plans with a different friend for the same time bracket. Cassie was already a little depressed before he came over, I thought it was a good thing him coming, but now she is even more depressed then she was before he came over. Cassie has been having some problems lately and this SO didn't help matter any.

God I am so tempted to go on Cassie's facebook and block him, so this doesn't happen again to her.

Well hopefully Cassie will feel a little better since her friend Taylor is being driven over after she eats to hang out for a couple hours, and lives a ways away on the other side of the bridge.

Well, Taylor is here, and it seems Cassie is happy, at least she looks like it on the outside. They will be with each other tomorrow at College Street School as well. I had told my dad what had occurred and he said fuck them then., Cassie will have better friends now anyways.

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