Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Sound Like Fire

The story (for me) starts out kind of slow, but then you can really get into the story. But for the most part when the guy is talking, i found myself having to re-read the words to try and absorb them, and even then in certain areas, i still can't remember certain things/names. The story is a great read, very into the religious area it is very interesting to read.


It talks of how in the bible that Jesus said he will come to Earth and collect his followers and bring them to heaven on the day he comes back to the earth. In the middle it talks about how Satan's name is Lucifer and when they rid the world of all things related to Christianity, they are sure to say that is his name and not Satan.

Hope this gives some insight and makes you think about reading this fine book.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. All opinions expressed are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review.

A Sound Like Fire
Written By Michael Rains
Published by WestBow Press

Book Description

Imagine living in a world where one global government controls every aspect of life, but allows people the personal freedom to pursue every wicked desire of their hearts, just so long as those cravings do not disturb or challenge the new laws of the land. It is a world where drugs are legal, sexual promiscuity abounds, and deviant behavior is tolerated and encouraged. But in exchange for unbridled selfishness and self-gratification, everyone must serve one god and obey every dictate handed down by the godless ruler of the earth. Or, imagine living in a world where you are continuously persecuted, punished, imprisoned, and even put to death for your beliefs, even though your way of life is innocuous and pure. Your homes and property are confiscated and you can no longer express your beliefs in public. After losing all legal rights and faced with certain death, you suddenly disappear from earth and end up in a place far removed. Once there, you are taught the secrets of the universe and experience things only once dreamt, while living in total harmony with your neighbors and family. And you get to choose the world in which to live, forever.

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