Monday, August 31, 2020

Jelly Cleaning Gel


Keyboard dusty

Placing the gel and removing it

After removal

So I used this on multiple things one of them being my keyboard which has been quite dusty for a while now and wiping it down doesn't ever work as well as you would think. The pictures here show how it looked before I used the gel, and what it looked like after. The keyboard looks like its almost brand new again, dust free.

I will say that the packaging does say it smells like lemon, but I couldnt smell any, it was mostly a plastic type smell that I wasn't too fond of but thats not a big deal. It left no residue on my hands, it didn't stick to my hands at all. All in all a good buy to help clean hard to reach areas.

I used on my fan to get some dust that was hard to get at and it picked it up nicely as well

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