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The Elements of the Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria #1)

This is a book series of:
Book 1 - Ice Crown
Book 2 - Wind Crown
Book 3 - Dust Crown
Book 4 - Flame Crown

Written by: Kay L. Moody

Great compilation of all 4 books that are currently available, cant wait to check out the next book in the series, The books are all about trying to be a Master Shaper. It mostly follows Talise as she attempts to be the Master Shaper but it also shows you Aaden progress through Talise's eyes.

Each of the 4 books contained within this (Ice Crown, Wind Crown, Dust Crown, and Flame Crown) are great short novels to read, each one you read and learn why the name is what it is, it's very interesting.

There are some twists and turns in the books that you won't see coming and I loved reading every minute of it.

This is more from my first impression of the first book when I read it before it became a part of a set of 4:

This book is a very fast read. It doesn't linger in areas, and in fact there is more that I would have liked to see, like training updates instead of just "10 years later". It follows Talise who is from the poorest area called the Storm and whom has never has seen one that can bend elements, especially like she can.

Talise can leave the Storm forever, is after the 10 years of training her element manipulations she wins the final competition to work for the emperor. She has Marmie who is her loved one that pushed her forward to this training and to try to win her own way out of the storm, but there will be no way out for Marmie herself.

In the final year (year 10) all the schools gather their last class and puts them together, that is where Talise meets Aaden. One who might just beat her out of the competition if she is not careful. She sees a trick that Aaden has up his sleeve which is very impressive, so she has to think of way to out do that trick or else she won't have a hope of winning in her mind. Does she risk it to try and win, or does she just give up and go home to Marmie.

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Book Description:

Talise has a gift that could save her life.

In an empire divided into three rings, seventeen-year-old Talise is from the outer ring. This dangerous and crime-laden land has one constant… death.

Her only chance for escape is to become Master Shaper—an honored position in the palace court and military. Each year, the emperor chooses one student to receive the title.

After ten years of training at an elite academy, Talise clearly has a gift for manipulating the elements of water, air, earth, and fire. But Aaden, a handsome student from the privileged inner ring, is poised to steal the title away from her.

When they come before the emperor, he is impressed with the great skill both Talise and Aaden possess. He presents them with a set of trials, and she knows this is the chance she needs to prove herself. As long as Aaden doesn’t ruin everything.

But secrets hide in every corner of the palace, masking a conflict far more dangerous than her previous home in the outer ring. Now, she must play along with the emperor’s lies and games, or else she will lose her life to an enemy she never expected.

This book includes novellas 1-4 of The Elements of Kamdaria:

Ice Crown, Wind Crown, Dust Crown, and Flame Crown.

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