Friday, April 2, 2010

Stephan King's IT

I found when I read the book it was very good I couldn't put it down, when I first read it, but when I watched the movie I was very disappointed in it, there was a lot of vital things that should have been in the movie that wasn't. I know the movie was very long as it was but I was still upset that certain parts weren't shown in it.

The book is definitely for adults only. Which you will know why when you read it (won't say as it is too close to the ending to give away). There is also some words that may offend some people in it, (prejudice kind of words, so Beware)

There is; a boy who stutters (Bill Denbrough), a boy who is "fat" (Ben Hanscom), a boy who does many different voices (Richie "Rich" Tozier), there is a boy who is always neat and clean (Stanley "Stan" Uris), a girl (Beverly "Bev" Marsh), a colored boy (Mike Hanlon), a boy who has asthma (Eddie Kaspbrak) They all add up to what they call themselves "The Loser's Club"

"The Loser Club" is formed to eventually fight off Pennywise who is a Clown that is killing off the kids in Derry. One of the kids was Bill Denbrough's (Stuttering Bill, Big Bill) kid brother Georgie Denbrough.

I haven't read a lot of Stephan King books, just this one and Firestarter but i seen the movies of Firestarter first before finding out about the book.

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