Sunday, April 4, 2010

Violet Eyes

I have just started to read it. I think so far it is showing some good interesting parts.

The girl "Angel Eastland" has moved a lot and every where she moves she tried to do one great thing but finds that the guy "Michael Vallent" has already done it before her. This latest move was different though, she searched through the trophies and found nothing with his name on it so she figures she is safe to try and get the top of something. She find out that Michael has moved there now too, and is making friends with her friends.
(This is all in the first chapter)

Both Angel and Michael have violet eyes. Michael is one grade ahead of Angel. They are both very good in any kind of sports (like badminton) and great with school work, though Angel keeps her grades low on purpose. They are matched in every way. They both started out in an orphanage which caught on fire at some point, they were always being tested, like in math, never got to play as they were encouraged to make it into a competition. The Better you did on the tests, the more tests you had to take.

Micheal says in the book "I'd forgotten we all had the same color eyes." The world seems to change every two years, meaning people move all the time during the two years. They were able to choose their own parents.

Angel and Michael are training for the 1992 badminton Olympics, but find out that mixed doubles isn't supposed to be in the Olympics till 1996. They find out the year they thought it was and have been living in (1987) isn't the correct but instead over 110-120 years later. They found this out cause Angel found their couch's Olympic medal for badminton in 2089.

At a tournament (more training for the Olympics) they meet another mixed badminton match. They are brother and sister, and both have violet eyes; Leona and Vincent. Angel and Michael are now thinking that Leona and Vincent stand for "Leonardo da Vinci" and that Angel and Michael stand for "Michelangelo". Both these names are well-know Renaissance figures (Renaissance means "rebirth").

Michael is now gone, supposedly to an early acceptance to college. Angel finds out the towns she has been living in are "Historical Immersion class"es. You don't just study the past you have to live it as well. The year is really 2098.

Angel is part of a new race (new human sub-species and not new species) which is called "Homo sapiens renascentia" (renascentia was Latin for renaissance which means "rebirth" and "renewal"). The current race is "Homo sapiens sapiens"

This is all I will say as I do not want to give the whole book away.

All in all, great book, didn't want to put it down and didn't, finished in one day!

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