Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Want Free CSGO skins, or Free PUBG skins?

So I was randomly browsing a way for skins (not for these games though since I have neither atm) but this one site popped up. Before I decided to post here I wanted to check it out and see if it is a legit site, if you can get free skins with no purchasing required at all. Below is my findings on the site.

The site works on you are watching either csgo or pubg (you can watch both on different tabs/windows though) and you will get coins. 10 coins per minute, but when you first sign up they give you a 300% bonus for 3 days giving you 30 coins per minute. The coins cap at 5000 for them.

You can then use these coins to bid (when they are up and not closed for that round) and pick choices, now the questions and choices are random but they are straight forward questions with good choices. There are people you watch to bid on (usually) when they die and how many kills, but again questions are chosen by the mod who is in the room at the time. The person you are watching while making these choices are streaming live on Twitch.

Now more on the betting part. You bet coins as I stated, if you get the right option you will get double the tickets you bet (minimum of 50 on any bet). So if you bet 50 you will 100 tickets into the drawing of the prize on the side. If you do not win the item on the right side of the stream you will ALWAYS get a box in which you will get a free thing. These can vary from 100 coins to 5000 coins and can be many different skins. Yes this is not a scam, I have won skins both ways I have just mentioned.

Now for the skins, the way you get them is "withdrawing" them from the site. You can do this anytime after 24 hours of creating account. The skins will sit there until you claim/withdraw them or trade them for diamonds (which you can buy cases with just skins in, more on that in a second). When you do withdraw the skins they will get sent to you as a trade on steam, you have 15 minutes to go there, hit accept. If you do not accept within the time frame have no fear, these do go back into the sites inventory for you to either claim again later or trade to diamonds. I have done this to be sure before stating it here.

Diamonds. These are a currency on the site that you can do offers and such for free, or you can cash to get. They can be used to buy cases with just skins in, some good some small. This is your choice and you do not have to do ever. You do get 100 free diamonds when you sign up though.

Also a side note: You do not have to have either of these games to claim the items. I do not have either and yet now have skins on my steam account for them.

So both CSGO and PUBG are 24 hours as of now so you can go into the site anytime. And what is this site that I have rambled on about to let you all know that it is a legit thing and not a scam? it is www.sliver.tv

So go forth and enjoy this site.



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