Monday, November 5, 2018

Cheap or Free Steam games - Humble Bundle

Do you like playing games? I know I do. I like playing a lot of different Steam games like Rust, Final Fantasy 10, Fable, and many more games. Do you want a legit site that is not a scam? I know I looked in many places and this seems to be the very best top of the line site for cheap and sometimes free Steam games.

There is one website that puts these games on sale very often. They sometimes have free games on steam for 48 hours many different times, if I get enough requests I can try to post them, when they become available, on this blog.

They also have a monthly bundle that is $12 a month (if you pay by the month) and with this money they will give you 1-2 early unlock games right away that equal at least 2-3 times the amount than the $12 you paid, and then you will get a bunch more when the bundle fully comes out (it releases and starts a new bundle the same day which is the first week of the month).

On top of that they have tiered bundles that change up every 2 weeks or so. Some game bundles, book bundles, software bundles etc. It is a very worth-while site that could never let you down if you give it half a chance and watch for the good deals.

Feel free to click this link and check it out, trust me it is worth, I buy games there all the time:
Humble Bundle

Below is the Bundle for December that gives you these games first and that fully unlocks Dec 7th

These are past bundles that you cant get now but it just shows how worthwhile paying the $12 a month is:

I will say there are other sites that you can get games from:

Fanatical is another ok one, its not the best mind you, but there are some good deals that pop up on that site as well, for steam.

G2A is another site that you can get steam codes on, its .... so-so, definitely more expensive than both the other 2 sites above, but it has the random keys that can be good for starting out a collection (just know most of those keys will be worth $1-$5)

Other than these 3 sites I haven't tested others and without testing I will not recommend them cause I wouldn't know if they were a scam or not.

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