Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Free products to try, no hidden fee

So on this website Social Nature, you can sign up in Canada and USA to try to get certain free products, the products are posted and it will show what County it is available for. I will say it is more geared for USA residents than it is for Canadians (sadly it is not equal). But all in all it is still an interesting website that has some neat products for testing.

Here is a pic of right now, just some of the products available: (though as you will notice when you check the site out there is 1 it that will go to Canada and 13 that will go to USA)

These products are all free, there is no hidden costs, no shipping fee, nothing. It is just a free sample of a product you put wanted on that you want to try out. It gives you the chance to test a product, see if you like it, and if you do to buy it!!

Social Nature

So this is a product i signed up for and was approved to test out. I have issues sleeping (both staying asleep and sometimes falling asleep) so it was a good trial for me.

My review:

I got this late in the mail cause of the mail strike, I have tried it and it seems to help me sleep a bit better through the night. It has been one of the better night sleeps I have had in ages. If you have problems sleeping through the night with many wake ups for no real reason, or having issues trying to get to sleep, I suggest trying this product out.

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