Monday, September 7, 2020

Wireless Earbuds

Brand: Mijiaer

The sound quality seems good to me. My music played great. You can shake your head, do flips and they still stay in. They have multiple earpieces if you need a smaller or larger bud.

When calling I can hear people but on this end there is a downside. As you can see on the second picture the mic area(s) are in a spot where it goes into your ear meaning when you talk people can’t hear you. Your voice is muffled to the people you talk to.

I think they should have placed the microphone on the bottom of the ear piece cause then it can still stay dry from any rain but also allows people to actually hear you properly. Although if you leave the earphone in loosely they can hear you better but it’s more possible to fall out.

I only docked one star for the mic issues cause I mostly bought them to listen to music or audiobooks anyways.

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