Saturday, October 3, 2020

Lost Coast (Undead Ultra #3)

by Camille Picott

I love this series to date, the author really goes into detail but not overly so that you find yourself skipping over passages. This is the third one in the series and they really give you a run for your money ;) pun intended.

Kate has changed a lot in each book, you get to see/read/hear how each thing affects her.

The book follow Kate again as well as a soldier name Ban. I will say that while it was interesting hearing things from Ben, I am more into Kate's chapters xD.

Ben really likes Kate which he speaks about in his inner monologues but he is really crud at expressing anything to her. Along with Kate and her training with the others, Ben helps everyone learn how to shoot guns.

There are some very shocking scenes you wouldn't see coming but still can bring your emotions to the extremes.

I was given a free audiobook on the Authors Direct app. This review is my thanks to the author for a great read that I really enjoyed. These are my thoughts on the book.

Book Description:

What if zombies evolved … and organized?

Out of the ashes of the zombie apocalypse, Kate and her small band of survivors have created a life and become a family. They train together, scavenge together, and survive together.

Their comfortable routine is interrupted by a frantic distress call. When Kate forms a rescue mission, she and her people find themselves faced with the unthinkable: evolved “alpha” zombies capable of organizing hordes of the undead.

Even worse, the alphas are on the move--and they’re headed straight for the university where the survivors have made their home.

Can Kate and her people outwit the alpha zombies and save their home? Or will they become part of the undead horde?

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