Monday, December 21, 2020

Birth of the Sand Viper: Origins of Jafar (Dark Immortal Flames, #0.5)

Written by: LaSasha Flame
Narrated by: Matyas J.

This was quite an interesting story. Showing the backstory of Jafar and how he became the man he is in the Aladin books / movies.

Its not a very long book so I dont want to say too much to give things away. But I think many people will enjoy it. The descriptions contained within this book are very detailed to keep you knowing what is going on.

The narrator does a great job bringing this book out. His tones going up and down in all the right areas.

I am glad to have been able to get this book. I got it free in and am leaving an honest review of my thoughts on it.

Book Description:

As a fan of the fairy tale retellings, LaSasha is very excited to announce this short story she just released!

LaSasha has a paranormal romance thirteen book series in the works and one of those stories will be a retelling of Aladdin with a naughty twist. This short story will serve as a prequel to the main book in the series.

Find out what happened to make Jafar the ultimate bad boy?

14k word count

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