Thursday, November 21, 2013

Flea Remedies

These are tested by others, and have helped out immensely so thought I should jot them down here for myself and all the lurkers out there with pets :D
I personally continuously use Brewers Yeast with garlic for pets (says it is for healthy coat, but it does help with the fleas as well).

Use Salt and Dawn to Kill Fleas

To kill fleas in your home, put down lots of salt in your carpet. Wait 24 hours and vacuum. If you do this every other day, your home will be free of fleas. You have to keep up this or they will come back. Plus I bathe my dog and cats with dish detergent like Dawn once a week or so. It kills fleas on contact. Its cheaper than those expensive dog shampoos.


Flea Spray Recipe


1 gallon vinegar
1/2 gallon water
16 oz. lemon juice (I just bought the cheap lemon juice)
8 oz. witch hazel (found in Walmart pharmacy section)

Yay, you are flea free now! You can also spray this on furniture, walls, etc.


Skin So Soft bath oil from Avon. Mix one part Skin So Soft and five parts water. Put it in a spray bottle. It is also great to keep flies away and if you have an itch, it stops the itch immediately. It is great to use on animals just keep it away from their face.

Borax for floors

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