Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 31st - November 4th

So I haven't been on much in the past couple days. With Halloween, and my birthday a couple days apart it was quite busy.

For Halloween my husband was Wonder Woman (yes woman), I was a Leopard, and my daughter decided last minute to be a Leopard as well. Her friend/cousin AD was "Bat Girl". They got a pillow case full of candy, and AD said she never had that much candy before, so she now wants to go with us next year too. When we got back we sorted the candy and pop and chips out, like we usually do, and make sure there is no loose candy and if there is we throw it out.

Mu birthday was November 2nd, the night before my daughter had spent the night at AD's place. They took her to Mc Donalds for breakfast and she went to the YMCA for her Kitchen Kids. She came home earlier than when I asked, I had asked her to be home because we were going out for late lunch/supper at Taishan @ 4pm.

Later on we went to Linda's (my mother-in-law) and Dave watched the game with Dave. Linda gave me $20 for my birthday and gave $20 to Cassie for a late birthday gift, then we went to Walmart because she wanted some Polysporin. I found her something that would work on her issue, cause we couldn't find what she wanted.

Linda then bought me a pair of pants, a tee-shirt, and a nice red hoodie zip-up sweater. She also bought Cassie 3 tee-shirts. Afterwards we went to Mc Donalds and she bought us all a meal (Big Mac meals) and Cassie and I got a Mc Flurry.

For the last couple days we haven't done all that much.

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