Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve!!!!

Went out and bought about 6 bags of chips, 1 dip (french onion), plus we have a hummus dip. My Aunt Wendy gave us some homemade goodies, so lots of cookies for tonight. I have lots of different chocolate as well. I also have ice cream bar things.

Taylor is now over (it is 4:00) to hang out with Cassie all night, and Dan will be coming over later on to hang with me and Dave tonight for a few hours. We will all watch the ball drop tonight. My dad will give Dan a ride home when he wants to go.

Me and Dave have a few different drinks, mine is better. He has some beer, and rum to go in pop. I have vodka to go with my martini set. We also have Baileys, tequila and a few shooters.

I am making french fries and gravy for supper, Cassie wanted poutine but I have no cheese/curd.

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