Saturday, December 28, 2013


Started to undecorated for Christmas. Took the things off of the tree and took the top half off, but my stomach ache and coughing made me stop. Got rid of the stomach ache just in time as my migraine came on. Now it is a little late to finish it, cause our neighbors downstairs may complain, so I will finish tomorrow.

I had lots to do in the past few day which was why I had not posted much of anything.

I am now getting ready for New Years. Me and Dave will have Dan over and have a few drinks together and celebrate the New Year. Cassie will have a friend over, Taylor, and have treats and pop/juice. They usually have fun together on that day, they have been together in the past. They will be allowed to stay up as late as they wish to. We usually all gather in the Living room and watch the ball drop together. The next day, I will be making Turkey and the fixings, with Chocolate cream pie for dessert.

My migraine is still going on very strong, so will not be typing much more, as it hurts to look at the screen. I have not found a great medicine that works as of yet, and my doctor hates trying to give me medicine. Maybe cause my mom was on so many different kinds and he fears I could too, but I doubt it.

I deleted some of my ranting that was here cause I just needed to get it off of my chest without having anyone seeing it.

I love and miss my mom, she passed away from a heart attack in the middle of the night a few years ago now. My dad came and let me know quickly, as we were living just down the hall in the same building and I was completely in shock. Though I have to say knocking on my door and saying your mom is dead is not really the best way of finding that out. Especially as he had woken me up when he knocked, so I was half asleep when I answered and quickly followed him into their place.

The police that day really Pissed me off and I can still hear them. While they were in the living room where my mom was I heard laughing. That is NO WAY to deal with this and knowing we are grieving should be more of a reason to not laugh at whatever they thought was funny. I had no strength to go and yell at them or find out what they thought was funny.

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