Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Awoken: An Urban Fantasy (The Anchored Series Book 3)

Written by: Bridget E. Baker

This was a great novel, I was really glad to have been able to check this book out. This series with all the characters and story are all well thought out and so far your are getting answers to the questions you have, and some more are cropping up to be answered in the next novel. I am so interested in how the 4th and final book will uncover within the story.

The book Continues the journey of Alora with her life on Earth, Rra and even popping to A once in a while. Alora dreams more about her life in Ancient Egypt, she is getting answers to her questions, but they are still not getting down to what she is seeking to know. Jesse is getting weaker and Alora is questioning herself on what she would be like without him, and she doesn't like what her thinking is.


Book Description:

When history repeats itself. . .

Ra is awake, and the final prison walls are all that stand between Earth and the return of the most powerful man who has ever lived. Alora’s father, Duncan, insists that his return will prove the downfall of humanity.

But Alora isn’t so sure.

Her older brother Jesse’s unwell, and the only one with any hope of fixing him is Ra. Which means Alora must decide how bad the man once worshipped as the God of the Sun really is, and how far she’ll go to save what matters most.

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