Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blood Ties book series

Blood Ties is a very interesting book series written by Jennifer Armintrout. I have read the while series and love it.

Book 1 is called The Turning- It is about how Dr. Carrie Ames is attacked by someone in the morgue that she saw die in the hospital. So now she is having issues and looking into these she finds that she is turning into a Vampire. Seeking help to try and figure this out lands her with another vampire (Nathan) and his vampire hunter "son" (Ziggy). She finds out who sired her, Cyrus.

Book 2 is called Possession- It is about how Carrie is sired to someone else and is falling in love with him. Then her sire, Nathan, get possessed and starts killing people.

Book 3 is called Ashes to Ashes-

Book 4 is called All Soul's Night-

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