Monday, August 12, 2019

Assertion Trials

Written by:Melaina Rayne

A very interesting take on the wold shifter lives.

When I seen that it was a shifter book, it intrigued me, as per usual. I love reading a lot of shifter books (doesn't have to be wolves, can be bears, etc).

The main character is a female shifter named, Shala Wilder and it seemed like it would be interesting to follow where she led in this book of a coming of age female wolf that must be forced to be a mate to a victor in a tournament, or she could join the guard, and lastly, she could turn tail and be feral which could be dangerous. She is unsure on whether or not she could learn to love the victor or not. So many doubts surround her as she waits for the fights to begin, and during the fights unsure who she cares to win, only hoping certain ones don't.

While I did find the book a tiny bit slow in progression to get to some really interesting scenes, I still enjoyed the read to get there. The story was well written. I loved the story right to the end and can't wait to see if more adventures come after this book with Shala and the choices that she could make in the future.

The cover was interesting although a lot of black, but the moon along with the wolf howling was very neat.

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

I am Shala Wilder. It is time for my coming-of-age celebration. Eligible males from every wolf pack have come to compete in the brutal trials of the Assertion. When all is over, the victor will claim me as his companion. The problem? My heart isn't set on a competitor, but on an off-limits guard who has no interest in me. What fate awaits me at the end of the trials? Will I fulfill my duty as obedient pack member, or will I forge my own path?

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