Sunday, August 11, 2019

Tab’s Dinner

Ordered the 3 eggs (over easy) and steak (medium well) with a side of bacon. Water with a straw. 

They do have canned pop which is a plus. They have two different chairs and sitting on the round ones are very uncomfortable. They hurt when you sit for so long. There is 10 tables. 

Wait time for food was about normal. 

Food arrived. Amount of bacon shocked me. Got about 6-7 strips instead of 3 like nonstop places. Eggs were cooked to perfection, not hard at all and the egg white wasn’t goopy. Steak was perfect and had spices on it that made it even better. Toast was cooked nicely. Potatoes were cooked nicely, not burned, had a spice on it to make it taste better. Bacon was cooked and not burned. 

All in all while I was uncomfortable in their round chairs the meal was more than perfect. I throughly enjoyed it. 

Tipped $5 on a $19 meal. Will be back there again. 

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