Saturday, July 20, 2019

Brooklyn Bitters

Written by:Sally Saylor De Smet

Please note that this has some "spoilers" from the first bit of the book, but in no way is a huge amount that will ruin your experience to read the book for the first time.

Kate feels so guilty all the time because of how her sister's ( Stacy ) husband died. She goes to the cemetery often to talk to the grave. She had changed colleges to stay at home and be with her ailing mother. Her boss took her off of her fiction and put her onto cookbooks. Forces her to go to a conference and when she asked her sister to look in on their mother, their sister said they would phone but couldn't go over there for ________ reason (I'm not saying why, you can read that "excuse" for yourself lol). Thankfully the neighbor (a friend of her mother) said she would pop in from time to time.

Kate goes the conference in New York and meets a stranger named Gunner. He tries to learn every single thing that he can about her. They get to know each other over the next few hours, mostly him learning about her, but she did get some information about him, he says that they are destined to be together. Whether that was true or not you will have to read for yourself.

I loved the little twists that this Romance book took me too. There is many things to take in with this book and I loved every minute of it.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am giving it an honest review of what I thought of it.


Book Description:

You don't get over killing your sister's husband. Accident or not. When twenty-four-year-old Kate Hathaway graduated with honors from Emory University, she couldn't wait to begin an exciting career in publishing. But one stupid mistake on a cold, rainy morning in Atlanta changed everything. Not only was Glen Lloyd Hastings her brother-in-law but he was also her best friend. Tormented by guilt, she vowed to do anything to make amends to Stacey—her provocative, pampered sister. The once-brilliant career woman settles into a life of loneliness and caring for her ailing mother. On a business trip to New York City, she meets an enticing, mysterious man who coaxes her out of solitude and into a fiery love affair. Not so fast. Stacey won't allow it. The sisters become entangled in secrets, back-stabbing, and betrayal. Is it revenge or something far more sinister?

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