Friday, July 19, 2019

The naughty Naughty Chair

Written By:Connie Jessop

Illustrator: Margaret Anne

The book is about a couple children name Lucy and Robert, and of course their mom. Robert does a naughty thing and is told to sit in the chair for a certain amount of time.

Cute and fast read for children of a young age. It shows that a child shouldn't misbehave and that wishes might come true but not always in the way you would expect. Pictures are cute and depict what is happening in the story they are reading. Many details in them to take in.

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

One day Robert was very bold and his Mother sent him to the Naughty Chair.

Robert hated the Naughty Chair. He wished that he could get rid of it.

Suddenly, the Naughty Chair lifted from the floor.

Robert was still sitting in it.

Was his wish coming true? How would Robert get off the chair?!

About the Author:

Connie Jessop is a Children's author from Dublin. Her other books are Alex and the Magic Cloud, Kelsey Fairy School and The cat with curly Whiskers.

About the Illustrator: Margaret Anne works by hand, with traditional tools, to create her illustrations. She lives in County Dublin, near the sea, with her dashing husband, two amazing sons, and a whiny cat. In her misspent youth, Margaret Anne spent quite a lot of time in the naughty chair.

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