Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Mama’s Dinner Review

425 Sidney St Trenton ON

Waitress was a tad slow to bring menus to table with little customers in place, but wasn't too bad a wait time. Seemed a little upset. Heard her saying she can’t wait to "get outta here". 

Food was the worst it has ever been. Ordered steak medium it came well done and burnt. Eggs were ordered over easy but came as a hard yolk. Ordered a side of bacon it was crispy and burnt. Home fries and toast were the only things that weren’t burnt. (Me and my father ordered the same thing).  

Waitress never came to table to offer refills on coffee or water. 

When we were leaving the waitress was very rude because she wanted us to pay for both at once and not separate. When my dad went up to counter to pay for himself he told her he was paying for 1 breakfast, and she put in both. He told her that he was only paying for his and that I would be paying for my own, to which she yelled (I heard her while i was at the table on the other end of the place) "well you always pay together" and that is in fact a complete lie, since me and my father have ALWAYS gotten separate bills. Then she started ramming the draw of the cash register in, smashing the buttons and rudely asking what all he had, did he have a coffee, did he have the side of bacon. He calmly stated that he was the one with coffee but I had the bacon. Dad was going to order a meal to go for the girlfriend but they changed their menu and don't sell the Corned beef on rye, so he paid and left to call and see if there was something else she wanted.

I went up next so I could get a take out container for my burnt meat I didn't like and couldn't eat and the potatoes. I paid for mine and asked for a to go container, she actually said "oh did he finally figure out what else he wanted?". I replied nicely (even though I wasn't feeling nice at all) "I am asking for a container for the potatoes I didn't want and the burnt steak that I can't eat". She gave me a container and asked what steak was burnt, I said well mine and my dads but I won't eat burnt stuff. She muttered saying we should have called her over and said something. I said nothing in return, packed up my stuff and left.

Me and my dad normally leave a 10-20% tip depending on service we get, we left nothing at all. It was too horrible an experience all around to give something for.


Never going there again. We all went there quite often but no more.  

She lost the place 3+ clients. Me, my dad and his girlfriend, and any people that my dad sometimes takes there with them us.. 

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