Saturday, July 3, 2021

Great pet gaming type sites - Subeta, Wajas, Neopets

These sites are all family friendly so children and adults of all ages play them. (I dont play them that often, but I will admit I do log in once in a while to check in on my account and animals). (There will be a shout out at the end with my favorite game that is no longer going. Go pets which was the first pet type game I played).


Subeta was the around the second game site I checked out. I have been on that site for over 11 years now. Sadly I could find no banner. Click here to go to Subeta

There is "quests" that you do, each one has their own set amount that you can do daily for each section. There is a "Wizard" which you can do 10 quests for, which is the normal amount for most of them. then there is Shinwa who you can only do her quest once a day. You will want to do hers first if you want to do hers cause she does hers in 5 stages where you have to go to the other quest giving people and do their quests (and yes it does take a quest away from your total with the people you go to). Also on the weekends you will see the site say something like this:

If you upgrade your account to a Gold account then you will get double the quests. You can do this by cashing with real money by buying what they call Cash shop cash (csc), they also now have a subscription apparently but you can also get it different ways. One way is you stay with the site for a year and you get a Loyalty box where you can select a 3 free months of a Gold account (GA). The site also gives away csc (cash shop cash) once in a while. And the biggest way you can do this without cashing is just play the game, get the free credits which they call sP and buy a medal from someone who paid cash for it.

There is so much more to the game, but I will leave this here with some picutres of pets that you can collect and these pets can be dyed many different ways, multiple times.


The next game I got into was Wajas which does have a banner thankfully

This site is all about dog types. Water, fire, forest, etc. Different species getting added every once in a long while. I started this game when in it was in the early stages, before it was fully released to the public you could only get into the site by referral which is what I did. So in all honesty I dont know what you get to start with but it is a great site and very family friendly, I know many adults, teens and kids play it. There is multiple games you can play to get WC, which is the free currency, there is even a lottery that you can buy tickets to win the pot. The currecy you buy with real money is called CWP.

You get a cave which gives you a certain amount of room for your pets, but you can upgrade it with WC. Atm I am at 252 cave size which meansmy cave holds up to 1260 wajas. If you get more than what your cave holds some of your wajas will start to "wander" out of your cave entually so it's best to not get too close to the max.

On the forum multiple people are willing to give up cute and free pups to newbies. Though you will never get 1st generation cause those are only gotten with cwp. You can get CWP by cashing on the site or by buying it from other people in their shops.

The pets have so many different color varriations, a lot of different markings and mutations that can be on them or added onto them later on. You can breed the wajas with love pears you buy from the pear shop on the site with wc. You can request breedings with other people but be sure to check what they have in cave rules as each person has them.


Another great game I played was Neopets. Sadly I could find no banner for this one either. Click here to go to Neopets

This one has lots of pets to choose from and different "paints" to color them with. There is now a dressing room area where you can dress them up with clothing and backgrounds (this wasnt there when I had played many years ago but looks like a great addition).


Honorable Mention:

( GoPets used to be an awesome one I loved to play years and years ago, it had a downloadable playable area where you could play with pets, fish and visit friendsetc, it had a chat box pop out area that you could use to chat in, multiple language room areas, as well as they used a site for other things like buying outfits, etc. This actually was my first pet game I had ever came across and really enjoyed it. I have long since lost pictures of my journeyu there but here is some from google searches: (also there is a Nintendo DS game out there as well, which I must look into seeing if I can find one).

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