Sunday, June 13, 2021

Darkness Awakening (Awakened, #2)

Written by Lisa M. Green

Interesting continuation of the series. This book does a great job on wrapping up some of the loose ends left from the first book, not all of course cause that would mean there would be no need for another book, which I look forward to reading sometime. I stayed up till 3 am saying just one more page each couple pages.

This book follows more of Aurianna with a few peaks into Leon, which kinda surprised me, his few chapters gives a little view into what his home life is, which is unpleasant to say the least amount on that, which you can read to find out more about.

Aurianna goes back to her time and sees nothing has changed and doesn't understand why, she stopped the event....right? Welp, in comes Pharis to again drag her back to "fulfill the prophecy" and again neither understand why it had to be him again.

The ending had some shocking events, and one of the things that is said literally at the end is kind of a cliffhangar itself to make you wonder what it means, but check it out and see for yourself.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily, and in my own words and opinions.


Book Description:


After Aurianna foils a deadly plot to destroy the capital city, the people believe she has fulfilled the prophecy and prevented the civil war.

However, when Aurianna returns home to the future, she realizes her attempts to thwart the catastrophe failed. Nothing has changed. Yet despite everything, the Arcanes still insist the prophecy is woven into her destiny.

Now Aurianna must work to determine how and where the real event will occur, all while still trying to control her elemental abilities. The fate of time itself is at stake if she can’t learn to control her powers.

The timeline will be forever stuck in an endless loop.

Uncovering the shocking secrets of her own past threatens to shatter Aurianna’s already fragile balance between power and self-restraint. These secrets have the potential to rip apart her connection with the people she now holds dear.

A tragic set of events leads to a battle of wills and a horrifying revelation that threatens to destroy her heart . . . and her home.

She might be the savior. But time is literally counting on her.

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