Saturday, June 19, 2021

The First-Aid Companion for Dogs & Cats (Prevention Pets)

Written by Amy Shojai
Narrator: Amy Shojai

I got the audio book version of this for free and am leaving this review of my honest thoughts of it. The book was part of Authors Direct, and it sadly doesnt tell me which chapter is which which i found would have been super helpful had I wanted to check certain chapters later on in case I needed this book, I do not know if that is the case with any other form of audio books however so I can not say for sure.Just in case though, "Track 5" is chapter 1.

This book would definitely come in handy for someone who wants to know about when they should help their pet at home, how to help them and if a vet is needed or if they need to do something before heading to the vet so that they do not have to worry as much. Its a great read to learn as well if you are thinking or wanting to be in the pet profession.

There is way too much information in the book to give a thorough review on what it all says. However I think any pet owner should want to own this book in one way or another, but personally I would suggest either the e-book or physical book so that you can find the right chapters should you wish to look things up at a later date.

The author dives deep into what you need and can do for your pets.
The narrator does a good job reading this book and trying to convey what all is written (which is also the author).


Book Description:

Is there an animal doctor in the house?

Most likely, the answer is no. And when an accident or other emergency threatens your pet, every minute counts. Don't be unprepared! Open The First-Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats and learn:

Basic first-aid techniques, such as cleaning a wound, making a splint, and performing CPR--step-by-step!
Which over-the-counter human medications can help--or harm--your dog or cat
What to keep in your pet's medicine chest (many essential items are probably in your house already!)
How to quickly pinpoint what's wrong with your pet, using the First-Aid Symptom Finder
Plus, you'll discover a comprehensive to-Z guide to more than 150 common--and not-so-common--injuries and conditions, including:

Bites from Animals
Car Accidents
Gunshot Wounds
Hot Spots
Jellyfish Stings
Each at-a-glance entry tells you when to call the vet, which supplies or medications you'll need, what immediate action you should take, and what you should do as follow-up care.

By knowing what to do in an emergency and then acting quickly and confidently to take the proper steps, you could save your pet's life. The next time medical help is not quickly available, reach for The First-Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats. It's a pet owner's second best friend.

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