Thursday, October 17, 2019

Flames of Truth

Written by:A.C. Pontone (Angela Camilla Pontone)

Adding the newest picture to this review since it has a new cover now as of 06-15-2021. Also while this review was because of an ARC I got, I have also bought this book as well.

Just a warning this has small spoilers, but not enough to ruin the great fun of reading this book.

I picked this book because I was curious how it would go, and I am glad to say that I loved this book and want to continue the series. Emma has a strange power of being able to see the future, she has a nightmare every night about how she will die. Drowning. She is terrified of water. She is bullied at school, by someone who used to be a friend until High school. She starts having feelings for multiple guys, but just figures its hormones. Emma's is very sick, and getting worse, she struggles to pay the bills and medical. Her mom was gone at an early age, so it was just her and her father.

There are some twists in this book that can shock you and some will even make you smile. I think many will enjoy this book, especially if you are into any kind of romance novels, that has an actual plot to it/

It took me a bit to start the book cause I haven't been feeling too well and have been studying, but once I started the book I didn't stop until I was finished (well small breaks for food and such).

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


Book Description:

Emma has a secret – one she never knew… until she met them.

I'm just trying to get by. Between keeping up with my studies, working two jobs, and caring for my ailing father, it’s all I can do to make it through a day.

It’d be a lot easier if the Drakon brothers hadn’t enrolled in my school and made it their mission to make my life miserable. But no matter what they do, I can’t shake the feeling there’s something different about them – something that will change everything.

What I don't now yet, is that their bad behavior has nothing to do with cruelty and everything to do with saving an unknown world from a threat that hit close to home for me.

Because the Drakon brothers are unlike anyone I’ve ever known, and I’m about to find out why.

Flames of Truth is the first book of The Lost Fae, a Paranormal Reverse Harem series.