Monday, May 16, 2022

Queen of Bitter Thorn (The Fae of Bitter Thorn #4)

Written by: Kay L. Moody

I loved this book! This is the last book in the series and it continues Elora's journey in Faerie.

The Queen Alessandra has made it so everyone can feel the "bad" human emotions when Faerie was not used to feeling it and not in such high doses. They feel such dispair and sadness that is causes pain. This coupled with Brannick and his own past issues with the Queen Alessandra makes things so much worse for them.

This was a great book to end on and while I was sorry to see it end, the ending was quite interesting.

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Book Description:

Faerie itself is on the brink of destruction.

Alone and frightened, Elora must return to Bitter Thorn to share news of Queen Alessandra’s most recent victory. But the realm is crumbling before her eyes. Frost covers surfaces it should not. Defensive enchantments are not as strong as they should be.

Everyone in Faerie is falling prey to the Fairfrost queen’s manipulation.

Though Elora’s magic sometimes works, she still has no idea how or why. At every turn, Ansel impedes their progress and feeds the fear they can’t escape. Fairfrost Palace is now heavily guarded, which makes it nearly impossible for them to face Queen Alessandra.

To restore Prince Brannick to his rightful place as High King, Elora must learn to trust herself.

It might be easier if her victories would last. It might be easier if she lived.

Queen of Bitter Thorn is the 4th and final book in The Fae of Bitter Thorn series.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Crown of Bitter Thorn (The Fae of Bitter Thorn #3)

Written by: Kay L. Moody

Great book, it is third of the series, and starts off where the second ends. It is packed with action scenes that will have you wondering what will come in the next chapter. There is a few surprises packed into different areas of the book, which was a good discovery.

I am really glad to have been able to read this book as an ARC with no pressure to put out any review. The series has been fun and I can't wait to see what the final book in the series will offer up. It is a great series, as is everything I have read from this author so far.

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Book Description:

Faerie is forever changed.

Prince Brannick is still determined to become High King of Faerie but doing so will require support from the other courts. Many fae are still hesitant to back him because of the sins of his mother. He will have to offer favors and bargains that put him in danger.

He wants to fight for his rightful place as High King. He wants to end his conflict with the queen of Fairfrost for good. But his heart might be too broken to do anything.

Mortals in Faerie always bring trouble.

The cost this time might be too high to pay.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Castle of Bitter Thorn (The Fae of Bitter Thorn #2)

Written by: Kay L. Moody

This is the second story in the series, although there is a prequel book that is also out. This series is great, it has lots of twists, action scenes and suspense that will have you not willing to put the book down. There are scenes where if you have read the prequel it will help makes things clearer to you, I loved the little hints of it.

Elora sticks around with a promise to Prince Brannick and help him win the crown to be High King of Faerie. It definitely wont be easy but Elora is not one to back down from adventure.

I got this as an ARC and am so glad to have been able to read this series so far, and can't wait for the next book.

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Book Description:

Faerie bargains are not easily broken.

Elora has decided to stay in Faerie to help Prince Brannick become High King. With the element of surprise on their side, they only have to hide their sword training lessons until the last phase of testing.

But Brannick is ruled by a bargain that could ruin everything. Queen Alessandra is beginning to remember her history with the prince. With one word, she could force him to lose the testing and give up his freedom forever.

With a growing reputation, Elora’s anonymity in Faerie is shrinking fast. Her sisters are safe in the mortal realm, but she is desperate to help Brannick win the throne.

If he doesn’t, any number of fae could capture Elora. Or even worse… her sisters.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Court of Bitter Thorn (The Fae of Bitter Thorn #1)

Written by: Kay L. Moody

I was given an ARC and I loved every minute of it, I read it all through and could wait to finish it. This book has many twists in it and each one keeps you on your toes as you read through the adventures that Elora has.

The book follows Elora and her journey at the age of 17 and being betrothed. Elora didn't believe in Faerie, she thought that it was all a tall tale. Brannick needs helps and makes her an agreement, which she doesn't know that she would be forced to keep once she agreed fully, thinking it was just a joke she agrees to a certain terms (which you can read about). She finds out it was not a joke and isn't happy about it when she pretty much gets dragged to in to Faerie.

I hope to read the next installment when it comes out as I have loved this story right to the end, curious on what will happen in the next book.

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Book Description:

Faerie wasn’t supposed to be real.

Tricked by a fae prince, Elora is stuck in the Faerie realm far from her young sisters who depend on her for survival. Under the terms of her bargain, she can’t go home to the mortal world until Prince Brannick becomes the next High King.

Or until he’s taken out of the running…

Sabotaging Brannick’s chance at the crown will be much faster than helping him win. The fae prince may be charming, powerful, and wickedly handsome, but that won’t stop Elora from selling his secrets to the highest bidder.

By day, she uses her master sword skills to train the prince, while ignoring her growing attraction to him. By night, she conspires with a rival king in a nearby court whose plans could destroy half of Faerie.

If she gets caught, Brannick will kill her. But what’s life without a little bit of danger?

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Elements of the Storm (The Elements of Kamdaria #3)

This is a book series of:
Book 9 - Water Storm
Book 10 - Air Storm
Book 11 - Earth Storm
Book 12 - Fire Storm

Written by: Kay L. Moody

These last 4 books in the saga (9, 10, 11, and 12) really wrap up all your unanswered questions that you would have thought of and more for that matter. There are answers in here that weren't even really brought up until you got the answer and was like "oh, that's something I never would have thought to question but such a great explanation even if I had questioned it"

I hope everyone checks them out cause they are packed full of action, romance, suspense, etc. It's everything you would want in a book and then more so.

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Book Description:

With her life in ruin, Talise must head to the deadliest part of the empire.

Her heart is shattered. What little hope she has is hanging by a thread. She hides in the outer ring of Kamdaria where fear, destruction, and death reign. Winter’s icy tendrils curl in each day, and her difficulties only expand.

At first, she simply wants to survive. But war is still brewing in the other rings. Even when she tries to ignore it, power and poison force her to take sides.

As her enemy is evolving, she still has to help the citizens, train with the elements, and build an army. Winter storms and surprise attacks make every day more difficult than the last. And time is running out…

If Talise doesn’t survive long enough to fulfill her duty, Kamdaria will be lost forever.

This book includes novellas 9-12 of The Elements of Kamdaria:
Water Storm, Air Storm, Earth Storm, and Fire Storm.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Elements of the Gate (The Elements of Kamdaria #2)

This is a book series of:
Book 5 - River Gate
Book 6 - Smoke Gate
Book 7 - Vine Gate
Book 8 - Ember Gate

Written by: Kay L. Moody

This is the second grouped up books in the series, with it being books 5, 6, 7, and 8. This one opens doors to questions that you never thought to ask. It also ties up some ends which is great, cause having more doors opening with nothing closing could lead to a too hectic ending.

The book gives good details and helps you visualize everything that is happening without it getting boring with too many details at once.

I received this as an ARC, I have been able to follow this great series from beginning to end (this is not the end, it is the middle parts) and I have loved every minute of it. This review is my own unbiased thoughts of the series. I am truly thankful that I was able to read this series. I am sure many will enjoy it to the fullest.

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Book Description:

The empire is full of unrest.

Talise is ready to accept her new leadership roles but isn’t sure how. It doesn’t help that the emperor wants to take out enemy bases, yet he remains oblivious to the other conflicts around them.

The aristocratic citizens of the Crown are angry at the emperor for lying about their enemy. The middle-class citizens of the Gate are angry at the state of their once great empire. And the poor, desperate citizens of the Storm are beginning to awake after years of oppression.

Problems multiply when the enemy obtains knowledge about a mysterious amulet that has the power to destroy armies. With her heart still in pieces, Talise struggles to meet the obstacles ahead. But the truth soon becomes clear.

If she can’t gain back loyalty from the citizens and find the ancient amulet, the empire will be lost forever.

The book includes novellas 5-8 of The Elements of Kamdaria:
River Gate, Smoke Gate, Vine Gate, and Ember Gate

Friday, April 29, 2022

The Elements of the Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria #1)

This is a book series of:
Book 1 - Ice Crown
Book 2 - Wind Crown
Book 3 - Dust Crown
Book 4 - Flame Crown

Written by: Kay L. Moody

Great compilation of all 4 books that are currently available, cant wait to check out the next book in the series, The books are all about trying to be a Master Shaper. It mostly follows Talise as she attempts to be the Master Shaper but it also shows you Aaden progress through Talise's eyes.

Each of the 4 books contained within this (Ice Crown, Wind Crown, Dust Crown, and Flame Crown) are great short novels to read, each one you read and learn why the name is what it is, it's very interesting.

There are some twists and turns in the books that you won't see coming and I loved reading every minute of it.

This is more from my first impression of the first book when I read it before it became a part of a set of 4:

This book is a very fast read. It doesn't linger in areas, and in fact there is more that I would have liked to see, like training updates instead of just "10 years later". It follows Talise who is from the poorest area called the Storm and whom has never has seen one that can bend elements, especially like she can.

Talise can leave the Storm forever, is after the 10 years of training her element manipulations she wins the final competition to work for the emperor. She has Marmie who is her loved one that pushed her forward to this training and to try to win her own way out of the storm, but there will be no way out for Marmie herself.

In the final year (year 10) all the schools gather their last class and puts them together, that is where Talise meets Aaden. One who might just beat her out of the competition if she is not careful. She sees a trick that Aaden has up his sleeve which is very impressive, so she has to think of way to out do that trick or else she won't have a hope of winning in her mind. Does she risk it to try and win, or does she just give up and go home to Marmie.

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Book Description:

Talise has a gift that could save her life.

In an empire divided into three rings, seventeen-year-old Talise is from the outer ring. This dangerous and crime-laden land has one constant… death.

Her only chance for escape is to become Master Shaper—an honored position in the palace court and military. Each year, the emperor chooses one student to receive the title.

After ten years of training at an elite academy, Talise clearly has a gift for manipulating the elements of water, air, earth, and fire. But Aaden, a handsome student from the privileged inner ring, is poised to steal the title away from her.

When they come before the emperor, he is impressed with the great skill both Talise and Aaden possess. He presents them with a set of trials, and she knows this is the chance she needs to prove herself. As long as Aaden doesn’t ruin everything.

But secrets hide in every corner of the palace, masking a conflict far more dangerous than her previous home in the outer ring. Now, she must play along with the emperor’s lies and games, or else she will lose her life to an enemy she never expected.

This book includes novellas 1-4 of The Elements of Kamdaria:

Ice Crown, Wind Crown, Dust Crown, and Flame Crown.