Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Step Into Magic

Written by: Day Leitao

This is the first book in a series, I had gotten the second book first which stated it could be stand-alone, and in a way could have been, but with this book, it filled in gaps that was missing in the second book that had left me wondering.

This is a great series, especially if you get them in their proper order.

So the story starts off without a big amount of backstory on where the shoes came from or the dance scene, you only really get some bits and pieces. Karina is asked to go to another realm and to destroy the shoes, there is just one little issue about that. Which you can find out by reading the book.

Narrator does a great job bring the best out of the characters, changing voices and such. It really blends well together.

I received a free review copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving am honest review

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

She's got the fate of a kingdom in her hands—or rather, in her shoes.

14-year old Karina doesn’t know what she wants, but knows what she’s found—fascinating silver shoes. Fascinating, dangerous, and potentially evil. On the upside, they do bring cool visitors. When a princess invites her to go to Whyland and save her kingdom, of course she accepts. There’s that little “let’s destroy the shoes” detail she’s not crazy about, but hey, free trip, alternate world.

But Whyland is nothing like she expected. Karina finds herself stuck in a kingdom she doesn’t understand, with no clue on who to trust. Before saving anyone, she’d better save herself—if she figures out how.

To make matters worse, as much as the princess is fierce, determined, and brave, she'll jeopardize everything just to reconnect with her boyfriend, almost boyfriend, or whatever. And that might just be their doom.

Step into Magic is a fun YA portal fantasy adventure. If you like books with strong heroines, friendships between girls, subtle romance, and some mystery, you've found your book.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Dissension (Chronicles of the Uprising Book 1)

Written by: Katie Salidas

Great book, good twists and turns in the book.Its an interesting story about postapocalyptal events. Just the beginning with the prologue drew me in, it was a good draw.

This book follows Mira who wants freedom, and doesn't understand how while she fights and kills other vampires, how the humans can sit there and watch and even eat, but she does what she must do to live to see another day. If there is a way out of this fighting to survive she will find it and do what she needs to do.

The Narrator did an awesome job, she has a soft voice and you can tell she enjoyed reading this book. Her voice rose and fell in the right places with makes the book to listen to that much better.

Between a great Narrator voice and/or a great Author writing, you can really imagine what you are listening to/reading.

I would love to read/listen to the next 5 books in the series later on.

I received a free review copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

Survival is a deadly game that Mira refuses to lose.

In the new world order, being supernatural is a crime. Vampires once thought to be mythical, have been discovered, assimilated, and enslaved. Used for blood sport in the gladiatorial arena, their immortal lives are allowed to continue only for the entertainment of the human masses.

Mira is a proven warrior with a blade as sharp as her fangs. She's spent the last thirty years in the arena, where life and death are determined by the stroke of a sword and the cheers of her fans. The only way for a vampire to get out out of this never ending battle is in a body bag, and Mira's fought too long and too hard to go out like that.

If there is another way, she'll find it.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Flames of Truth

Written by:A.C. Pontone (Angela Camilla Pontone)

Adding the newest picture to this review since it has a new cover now as of 06-15-2021. Also while this review was because of an ARC I got, I have also bought this book as well.

Just a warning this has small spoilers, but not enough to ruin the great fun of reading this book.

I picked this book because I was curious how it would go, and I am glad to say that I loved this book and want to continue the series. Emma has a strange power of being able to see the future, she has a nightmare every night about how she will die. Drowning. She is terrified of water. She is bullied at school, by someone who used to be a friend until High school. She starts having feelings for multiple guys, but just figures its hormones. Emma's is very sick, and getting worse, she struggles to pay the bills and medical. Her mom was gone at an early age, so it was just her and her father.

There are some twists in this book that can shock you and some will even make you smile. I think many will enjoy this book, especially if you are into any kind of romance novels, that has an actual plot to it/

It took me a bit to start the book cause I haven't been feeling too well and have been studying, but once I started the book I didn't stop until I was finished (well small breaks for food and such).

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


Book Description:

Emma has a secret – one she never knew… until she met them.

I'm just trying to get by. Between keeping up with my studies, working two jobs, and caring for my ailing father, it’s all I can do to make it through a day.

It’d be a lot easier if the Drakon brothers hadn’t enrolled in my school and made it their mission to make my life miserable. But no matter what they do, I can’t shake the feeling there’s something different about them – something that will change everything.

What I don't now yet, is that their bad behavior has nothing to do with cruelty and everything to do with saving an unknown world from a threat that hit close to home for me.

Because the Drakon brothers are unlike anyone I’ve ever known, and I’m about to find out why.

Flames of Truth is the first book of The Lost Fae, a Paranormal Reverse Harem series.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Dark Blood

Written by:Nikki Hayes

This book follows Natasha, who is mostly known as "Tash". She does surveillance jobs for her "boss" Tobias. She lives in a town named Ridgeview. Usually the jobs are pretty easy and straight forward, but not always. The latest job she gets sent on is a doozy, though it wasn't supposed to be, it should have been easy.

This book world is being in he future in the year 2040.

A disease, nicknamed the Scourge, ravaged the country. The population has not yet recovered from those losses. Mentality, instability, and weird occurrences come into the light. These happenings are what made a Paranormal Crimes Unit to be formed.

I will say there are some parts of this story that are in dire need to have more details in them to explain what was going on and why.

I did enjoy reading this book over all though, but because of so much that was lost within the story where scenes should have been extended and not rushed as they were, there are quite a few blanks that I dislike.

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

Friends call me Tash. The world calls me loser. No one knows I possess a deadly magic.

It was supposed to be a simple surveillance job, just like the zillion others I had run for my tough-guy benefactor, Tobias. An hour into it, I'm sitting with a dead body after barely surviving a warlock's rampage. I thought things couldn't get any worse, but what did I know? Running point for Tobias or being witness to a murder was the least of my worries.

Now I've been blackmailed into working with sexy paranormal cop Ian, and I must help him find what the warlock is up to before he destroys whatever is left of our world. A piece of cake, right? Sure, if you ignored the dark magic I was born with.

I just might save the world from a warlock's evil plans, but can I save it from the darkness that lies within me?

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Unstable Orbit

Written by:R. Parr

This is a very cute and interesting read, when you begin this book what you read will have some twists and turns that you won't see coming. I loved this book from start to finish. It didn't linger in areas or make them go by too fast, they shows just enough. The few pictures in the book were intriguing and added a small surprise element while you read. This book would be a great read for all genders in my opinion cause it has a little of something for everyone in it.

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

Silver Jennings is a paralegal who likes things to be organized, including her sock drawer. She finds herself out of her comfort zone when she appears on TV show Cupid in Control and wins a romantic holiday with Mark the woodworker.

Mark is a complete Neanderthal who looks terrible in a suit and refuses to put the cap back on the toothpaste properly, the jerk. He is not Silver’s type at all. Not that Silver wants a relationship, after her ex-boyfriend broke her heart. But perhaps Silver and Mark have more in common than at first glance. Could friendship at least be on the cards?

Of course, they have to survive the holiday first, which is being filmed by a camera crew eager to capture every embarrassing personal flaw.

Then there’s Silver’s secret past, which she’d really rather not discuss. Although some secrets just seem to get dragged out into the open…

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Sorry I Ruined Your Childhood

Written by:Ben Zaehringer

Very cute and fast little comics. Some will leave you laughing with how funny they are, and some will leave you smiling cause of how cute it is. I wish there was more, it was great, all the illustrations were interesting with just enough details to say whats going on without over crowding it.

Each comic strip is one page long. So when you turn each page you will be wondering what will be in this new comic strip.

I received a free copy of this e comic book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

Berkeley Mews' appealing, accessible art style belies a cartoon world of dark humor, dry wit, and irreverent reimaginings of popular culture. In Berkeley Mews, bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people, and everything usually ends in disappointment or death. Satisfaction guaranteed!

A subversive, hilarious, dark-but-uplifting collection of comics skewering the commercial figures, Disney stories, and pop cultural touchstones that Millennials and Gen X-ers grew up with in the '80s and '90s. Ben Zaehringer's versatile art styles and wicked curveballs are sharp, clever and accessible, prompting many readers to comment that the author is "ruining their childhood" in the most delightful way possible.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria 1)

Written by:Kay L Moody

This book is a very fast read. It doesn't linger in areas, and in fact there is more that I would have liked to see, like training updates instead of just "10 years later". It follows Talise who is from the poorest area called the Storm and whom has never has seen one that can bend elements, especially like she can.

Talise can leave the Storm forever, is after the 10 years of training her element manipulations she wins the final competition to work for the emperor. She has Marmie who is her loved one that pushed her forward to this training and to try to win her own way out of the storm, but there will be no way out for Marmie herself. In the final year (year 10) all the schools gather their last class and puts them together, that is where Talise meets Aaden. One who might just beat her out of the competition if she is not careful. She sees a trick that Aaden has up his sleeve which is very impressive, so she has to think of way to out do that trick or else she won't have a hope of winning in her mind. Does she risk it to try and win, or does she just give up and go home to Marmie.

There is one twist that I won't say much about, but it's big and could impact what happens.

I loved this book from start to end, I wish there was more in the area where she was training, maybe show some struggles she had to overcome to get to the point she is at after the 10 years, but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Can't wait for the second book in the series.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


Book Description:

The competition could save her life... but only if she wins.

Talise can manipulate the elements with ease; water, air, earth, and fire all bend to her will. As a citizen of the Storm—a crime-laden land where death is the only constant—her only chance for a better life is to become Master Shaper.

A competition for the position takes place at the end of her training years. If she wins, she would live in the palace, work for the emperor, and escape her inevitable death in the Storm. But she’s not the only one with a chance to win.

Aaden is another talented student. As a citizen of the Crown, he was born with unlimited privilege and resources. When someone from the Crown wants to win, they do. End of story. And his shaping is unlike anything Talise has ever seen.

Complicating matters, Talise’s loved one in the Storm gives her reason to abandon the competition altogether, forcing her to make an impossible choice.

Torn between duty and freedom, she must learn that clinging to the past, might destroy her future.

For fans of Red Queen, the Grishaverse, and Avatar the Last Airbender, this desperate fantasy world has elemental magic and tension you could cut with a knife.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

A Roman Death

Written by:Joan O'Hagan

Honestly speaking, I didn't pick this book cause of the Roman aspect. In fact it kind of off-put me wanting to check it out, but as I read what the book was going to be about, I slowly got more interested in giving the book a chance.

Gives lots of info at the start, like what things you might read and not know what they are as you read them. Example: Carnifex is an executioner / hangman.

This book is very well written, and doesn't drag scenes out too far that you get bored of reading it. It is definitely not a book I would normally read, but that has nothing to do with how the book was written. I don't mind the book, but with so many new words that I had to keep going back to the first few pages to figure out who or what was being discussed was too annoying (most especially in e-book format). I don't regret reading the book, it was a great read even with having to figure out some of the words, would be best in paperback so you can just flip quicker to the page.

For those that enjoy this kind of book, (a murder mystery with lots of history thrown in) I think it is a great edition that will keep you reading. It has lots of suspense that will have you reading well into a time when you should be doing other things.

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

Historical thriller set in Ancient Rome. In 45 BC, Julius Caesar is at the height of his power. Lucius Scaurus, the young, good-looking fiance of a high-society girl is poisoned at the couple's own pre-wedding banquet. In the trial that follows, Roman society is shocked when the girl's mother, Helvia, is accused of not only of murder, but of incest. Cicero comes to Helvia's defence, but the killer's identity remains a mystery until the final twist - or two.

'Poison, poetry (both high-minded and salacious), marriage for money, marriage for love, gang-rape, cowardice in battle, scheming slaves, conniving aristocrats, malicious matrons casting magical curses, and (as if all this were not enough) a previously unknown oration by Cicero — there’s so much going on, so expertly conveyed ... ' (Steven Saylor)

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Alien Pets (Xeno Relations Book 1)

Written by:Patricia McNary

Some of this will have small spoilers (nothing to ruin the reading of it, or spoil anything in a major way, mostly some bits of info that are kind of intriguing to me.

So let me start off with a very tiny spoiler, which is in the first chapter, and can be read within. So we all know how a cat will choose the human that it wants as its owner. You will buy a cat, bring it home but no matter if you love it to bits, it just might choose another in the household to be with over you. In this book it is a similar concept in which the cat actually chooses what alien (called Verdantes) they want for their human to be a pet to, at least in the case of the human girl named Antaska and her cat Potat.

Potat chooses (and allows) the Verdante named M.Hoyvil be her new pet and the owner of her other pet Antaska. You will get to read her point of view at times, and M.Hoyvil as well as Antaska.

Everything about this book drew me in, the great cover art, the interesting title, and the blurb that was written. There are different perspectives that you get to read about from the different character, each one separated by an alien head so you know that the focus is shifting.

Humans can live to be an average of 200 years old and if you are 50 you are classed as a young adult. Verdantes live to the age of 5,000 or more and if your 650 or so you are allowed to choose your first pet and are an adolescence. (Antaska is just over 50 and M.Hoyvil is 650).


I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

Life gets weird when you’re adopted by an alien.

One million years in the future, young human Antaska and her psychic cat are adopted as pets by a gigantic alien. Traveling in outer space, she becomes telepathic in a world where that’s dangerous. Then she gets into a love triangle that’s even more dangerous. Her cat tries to tell Antaska what she’s doing wrong, but will she listen?

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Secret Magic (Evie Everyday Witch Book 1)

Written by:Elena Paige

So right off the bat, the reason I chose to read and review this book is because of the cover. It reminded me of the show I used to watch a long while ago, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (yes there is a more darker version on Netflix that I also have watched and loved, and hope for another season soon). But yea the teenager has blonde hair, has a black cat, and just the vibe it gave off seemed interesting enough to check it out.

Book starts out well, describes the current situation of Evie Everyday (have to say that last name selection was very weird to me) and it tells what she wants to do, but hasn't been able to. The story starts when she is in 5th grade but it doesn't give a lot of details there, it is when she goes to the 6th grade and starts her new school that it starts. The girls cat just what a child might name one lol. The name Evie comes up with for "normal people" kind of seems weird, but is a different word that children could laugh at and agree.

Every few pages had a cute small design that was interesting to see. I think many children would enjoy seeing them.

It's a cute story line that I think children would enjoy (personally I think it will appeal more to the girls than the boys, but then again, some boy aren't all into the same things)

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

Can this everyday witch convince everyone she's a normal everyday girl?

Funny magical adventure series perfect for kids ages 7 and up.

My name is Evie Everyday and I’m a witch. But all I’ve ever wanted is to be a Lamron. That’s the word normal spelled backward. Anyways, now I have the chance to go to a regular school and be a regular girl I’ll do whatever it takes to fit in.

Fitting in is easy. All I have to do is:

- Keep my magic a secret

- Swap my favorite colorful clothes for boring black ones

- Suck up to scary Mrs. Rogers, the school principal

- Keep my pet cat, bat and corncob from causing any trouble

- And stay away from Izzy. She’s all colorful and funny and awesome…. and not helpful for fitting in.

But when everything starts to go wrong, there’s only one way to save my new school... use magic. And only one person who can help me... Izzy!

Evie Everyday Witch is a series of chapter books that kids and parents will love. Ideal for reluctant readers. Evie's quirky, funny personality will sweep kids off their feet, and get them reading again!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Assertion Trials

Written by:Melaina Rayne

A very interesting take on the wold shifter lives.

When I seen that it was a shifter book, it intrigued me, as per usual. I love reading a lot of shifter books (doesn't have to be wolves, can be bears, etc).

The main character is a female shifter named, Shala Wilder and it seemed like it would be interesting to follow where she led in this book of a coming of age female wolf that must be forced to be a mate to a victor in a tournament, or she could join the guard, and lastly, she could turn tail and be feral which could be dangerous. She is unsure on whether or not she could learn to love the victor or not. So many doubts surround her as she waits for the fights to begin, and during the fights unsure who she cares to win, only hoping certain ones don't.

While I did find the book a tiny bit slow in progression to get to some really interesting scenes, I still enjoyed the read to get there. The story was well written. I loved the story right to the end and can't wait to see if more adventures come after this book with Shala and the choices that she could make in the future.

The cover was interesting although a lot of black, but the moon along with the wolf howling was very neat.

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

I am Shala Wilder. It is time for my coming-of-age celebration. Eligible males from every wolf pack have come to compete in the brutal trials of the Assertion. When all is over, the victor will claim me as his companion. The problem? My heart isn't set on a competitor, but on an off-limits guard who has no interest in me. What fate awaits me at the end of the trials? Will I fulfill my duty as obedient pack member, or will I forge my own path?

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Tab’s Dinner

Ordered the 3 eggs (over easy) and steak (medium well) with a side of bacon. Water with a straw. 

They do have canned pop which is a plus. They have two different chairs and sitting on the round ones are very uncomfortable. They hurt when you sit for so long. There is 10 tables. 

Wait time for food was about normal. 

Food arrived. Amount of bacon shocked me. Got about 6-7 strips instead of 3 like nonstop places. Eggs were cooked to perfection, not hard at all and the egg white wasn’t goopy. Steak was perfect and had spices on it that made it even better. Toast was cooked nicely. Potatoes were cooked nicely, not burned, had a spice on it to make it taste better. Bacon was cooked and not burned. 

All in all while I was uncomfortable in their round chairs the meal was more than perfect. I throughly enjoyed it. 

Tipped $5 on a $19 meal. Will be back there again. 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set

Written by:Kaitlynzq

Goodreads link to book

When you buy this book from the Author's website you have to download each chapter separately, and when you download them, they are outta order slightly. and to be honest when things are out of order it triggers me slightly lol, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't enjoy it.

The book is very nice to listen to, would be a good read as well. The stories are a kind of series from journal, diary entries. Each story is very different from the other, they all have different themes and things they are trying to convey. I think so many people would enjoy listening to this audioset.

In chapter 5 the sound of the voice only showed up in the right earphone for the first 4 minutes, which I found weird.

The author has a nice light voice. She speaks in a prefect pace that you can keep up with, it is not fast at all and not too slow that your get frustrated that its not moving faster. She has a voice that could lull you to sleep if you let it. Though some of the pauses could seem a bit long between passages, for example in chapter one there was a few second pause and then a clink sound that scared me cause I was not expecting that so I jumped a little. There is also the one little issue that during the readings for certain characters that you can hear the microphone going in and out of focus with her voice (you can hear it turn off when she isn't speaking and then coming back in when she begins again) which is a little distracting to me, but i do know that they are supposed to be that way.

Sometimes the reads are lower and sometimes higher, so just be careful if you listen with a headset.

All in all, I truly did enjoy listening to this book.

I received a free copy of this audio book free to give an honest review of my thoughts on it.


Book Description taken from Goodreads:

Included in Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set is
Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem
Legend of Song de Light audio book
Legend of Song de Light audio play

The stories within Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu
connect, unfold, interweave many character's stories
needs, feelings, desires, dreams

contain words of

caresses around

as a cocoon of soft cashmere
accompanied by sweet aroma
allures to intimate nearness
remains a velvet kiss

their threads as two crescent moons
connected under the firelights
that layer the chords, and form the lyrics

all of you entered my world as dawn's awakening sky of soft palette
my garnet heart melted in iridescence to bloom in sun's rays
glow in night's depth as the stars echo the rhythm of my heart
my insides sigh and expand in delight
harmonious blend as our lives
circle the melody

caresses around
as a cocoon of soft cashmere
accompanied by sweet aroma
allures to intimate nearness
remains a velvet kiss
A set of interconnected stories with elements from each story that interweave in one another as heart's wave, heart's song, heart's breath into downloadable mp3 files and pdf file.

An audio set that is interwoven in the Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu series that includes:
Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem
Legend of Song de Light audio book
Legend of Song de Light audio play
Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set

Hashtag for the series of interconnected stories Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu is #lovecontusongdelightlovecontu

For more information about Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set, including excerpts and vocal synopsis, please visit the author's website.

Please note that this book is not available on Amazon.

Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set is available for purchase on the author's website, which is noted on her Goodreads' profile page.

This is more for my remembrance.

But this is the order and their sizes;

Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem.mp3 (4.64 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 1.mp3 (10.28 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 10.mp3 (32.69 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 11.mp3 (32.89 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 12.mp3 (26.30 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 13.mp3 (24.87 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 14.mp3 (27.24 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 2.mp3 (12.14 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 3.mp3 (11.65 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 4.mp3 (16.43 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 5.mp3 (33.38 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 6.mp3 (29.00 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 7.mp3 (44.89 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 8.mp3 (34.34 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio book_Chapter 9.mp3 (45.96 MB)
Legend of Song de Light audio play.pdf (603.88 KB)
Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set_List of Characters and Places.pdf (82.68 KB)

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Day I Died

Written by:Aya Knight

Just reading the prologue intrigued me enough to want to review this book and the story within.

The book really drew me in from start to finish. It is a new take on the zombie genre and it was written in a very well thought out manner. In the book there is no "chapter" per say, its Day and parts, so like Day 1 Part 1, Day 1 Part 2, etc which shows you the progression of each day and what Oshin goes through during those days. There are twists and turns in the book, some you might guess at and be right some you might be wrong, and some you might not be able to guess at, at all. I loved the book from start to finish. It didn't linger in place, things weren't overly written and has a nice pace that you can follow.

This is the first book from Aya Knight that I have ever read but I look forward to reading more.

This book follows Oshin Fletcher's life. Who she had a crush on. Who her mother was and her best friend. How she died, and more. It shows a whole brand new take on what people read in zombie books and watch in movies. She is taught one thing about zombies and that might not hold true for all of the zombies out there. She was also taught that there was no humans outside of her city, but will she learn that was a lie also? What all she discovers as her death progress might shock and astound you.

Some links to the book


I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

She had to die, to find the truth.

Oshin Fletcher lives by three rules: obey authority, don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself, and above all else, never leave the city walls.

Some say that rules are meant to be broken. For Oshin, her world shattered on the day she was betrayed. A secret meeting leads her beyond the safety of her city. Lured by the ignorance that comes with being lonely and hopeful, Oshin was about to discover just how severe consequences could be. Lost and alone, she waited; no one came. But they did. The infected, the decaying, the undead.

Oshin wakes to find herself in an abandoned house, deep within the forest. Her body was changing, her desire to feed, uncontrollable. She was a marionette—her hunger, the puppeteer. She pivots on a line between life and death. They say the undead are mindless, but Oshin was very much aware. She sets out in an unknown world where the worst evils aren’t the undead, but humanity itself. With only days before the effects of the disease take hold and decay sets in, Oshin must race to find a way back home for a cure. She soon discovers that home is not everything she thought it to be. Dark secrets have been in play since the moment she was born.

Information on this book:
Science Fiction, Young Adult, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Dystopia, Zombies, Action / Adventure, and Novels

Trigger Warnings
Profanity, Death, and Violence

Bittersweet Ending and Happily Ever After

Thursday, August 8, 2019

A&W breakfast

So yesterday me, my father and my daughter all went to A&W for their breakfast meal (we have done so many times). We ordered the All-Canadian Special and this is what the order gives you normally: 2 eggs (your choice how they are made), 2 slices of bacon, 2 breakfast sausages, 2 slices of toast, a coffee a hash-brown and lastly 2 slices of tomato.

We had recently found out that you can substitute the sausages for bacon, so that's what me and my daughter does, my dad doesn't mind their sausages so he usually gets them, but likes to switch it up once in a while. We all get chocolate milk instead of coffee, but you can also get pop instead. All 3 breakfasts wanted eggs over-easy, and they were perfectly done. Toast was cooked and not burnt. Bacon was crispy but also not burnt.

Overall it was another perfect experience, I love going there for breakfast, they have never failed to disappoint me in their service and food.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Where Dreams End: The Daydreamer Chronicles: Book 3

Written by: Jethro Punter

This book continues the adventures that Adam has had with his friends Lucid and Grimble. He knows where his mother is located, now all he has to do is try to figure out a way to make it to that area and rescue her, which will not be easy. Their first obstacle is to try and find a boat that is strong enough to make it across the Dwam and a captain who would be willing to take the risk and drive the boat there. The place where all nightmares come from. Adam gets pick-pocketed while looking for a specific captain and loses what money he was given and his pendant.

Back in the waking world, the real life struggles continue for Adam. Getting on the bad side of Miss Grudge, doing detention, telling Nora and Charlie about what has been going on within the dream world Reverie, sleeping in the spare room of the Henson's place.

I won't say too much more, but I will say that while it is great if you read the books before this to catch up on what's going on, it doesn't exactly need to be done, but it would be better to read them all. The book is well written as usual with nothing lingering too long on the scenes, it is descriptive without being overly so.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am giving it an honest review of what I thought of it.


Book Description:

Finally, Adam has found where his mum could be hidden....

She is somewhere deep within the Dream World of Reverie, but getting to her won't be easy.

For a start she is somewhere far on the other side of the world, a place where no sane person would ever choose to go, the place the Nightmares come from. Even worse than that, the Queen of the Nightmares has her own plans in place, and Adam is caught right in the middle of her schemes.

Then there is the small matter of a war between Nightmare factions, an impossible voyage across the great sea of dreams and clashes with the most ancient beings in all of Reverie.

Fortunately for Adam he has the help of an even odder group of friends than usual, which in Reverie means very odd indeed. But even with the help of friendly dream beings, Nightmare freedom fighters and clockwork cyborgs, this time Adam is in real trouble, stuck in the place where dreams end.

'Where Dreams End' is the third book in the Daydreamer Chronicles series.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Taishan Gardens

214 Front St, Trenton, ON K8V 4N9

Came to Taishan for supper hour. Was 2 people doing tables. Took 2 minutes seating time. Was only one family of 4 in restaurant at the time of seating and one couple leaving. Got a selection of random foods. Chicken wings, rice, noodles, spare ribs, all tasted good. Service was horrible. The guy who served our drinks never came back to refill a water even after once clearing a dirty dish from table. 

Heard the waitress and waiter in a convo and the guy didn’t even know what tables were his and which were hers. 

I have went there multiple times and this seems to be how it goes. They tell you to sit anywhere. They wait till you go get food. They ask what you want to drink. Bring it to you. Then your lucky if they come back once or twice to remove dishes. Only way they give you a water refill seems to be to get their attention and ask for it. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Mama’s Dinner Review

425 Sidney St Trenton ON

Waitress was a tad slow to bring menus to table with little customers in place, but wasn't too bad a wait time. Seemed a little upset. Heard her saying she can’t wait to "get outta here". 

Food was the worst it has ever been. Ordered steak medium it came well done and burnt. Eggs were ordered over easy but came as a hard yolk. Ordered a side of bacon it was crispy and burnt. Home fries and toast were the only things that weren’t burnt. (Me and my father ordered the same thing).  

Waitress never came to table to offer refills on coffee or water. 

When we were leaving the waitress was very rude because she wanted us to pay for both at once and not separate. When my dad went up to counter to pay for himself he told her he was paying for 1 breakfast, and she put in both. He told her that he was only paying for his and that I would be paying for my own, to which she yelled (I heard her while i was at the table on the other end of the place) "well you always pay together" and that is in fact a complete lie, since me and my father have ALWAYS gotten separate bills. Then she started ramming the draw of the cash register in, smashing the buttons and rudely asking what all he had, did he have a coffee, did he have the side of bacon. He calmly stated that he was the one with coffee but I had the bacon. Dad was going to order a meal to go for the girlfriend but they changed their menu and don't sell the Corned beef on rye, so he paid and left to call and see if there was something else she wanted.

I went up next so I could get a take out container for my burnt meat I didn't like and couldn't eat and the potatoes. I paid for mine and asked for a to go container, she actually said "oh did he finally figure out what else he wanted?". I replied nicely (even though I wasn't feeling nice at all) "I am asking for a container for the potatoes I didn't want and the burnt steak that I can't eat". She gave me a container and asked what steak was burnt, I said well mine and my dads but I won't eat burnt stuff. She muttered saying we should have called her over and said something. I said nothing in return, packed up my stuff and left.

Me and my dad normally leave a 10-20% tip depending on service we get, we left nothing at all. It was too horrible an experience all around to give something for.


Never going there again. We all went there quite often but no more.  

She lost the place 3+ clients. Me, my dad and his girlfriend, and any people that my dad sometimes takes there with them us.. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Stories I Can’t Show My Mother

Written by:Ann Tinkham

Definitely adult type stories. Good quick tales that will leave you laughing at some of the things written. It's a great read for all women, things that you don't normally talk about on a day to day basis. I loved this book of short stories, it had so many quirks in each story, twists that you don't really see coming, some you guess at come but not always in the way that you think that they will.

These stories are not overly wordy, they do not overly describe things. They give you enough that you can just picture what's going on in the situations which is great, reading too much details detracts from the overall story.

Will definitely be on the lookout for more of this kind of book.

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

In Stories I Can't Show My Mother, bat girl receives love voodoo from Needle Man, a woman finagles a direct deposit at a sperm bank, a modern-day Lady Godiva triggers a hot police investigation into a cold case, an astronaut plots to kidnap her former lover's girlfriend, an escort's famous client falls for her, and a woman recovering from a breakup has a mile-high quickie with a stranger. These flirty, playful stories explore sexuality and sensuality, taking you to places your mother never wanted you to discover.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Through the Psyche of Ambrosia: Part I : Worlds Beyond Scripture: Book 1

Written by: Byron Fortin
Narrated by: John Joseph Rogers
Series: Worlds Beyond Scripture, Book 1
Length: 6 hrs and 59 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 06-09-18
Language: English
Publisher: James Byron Boyd

So I got both the audio-book and the written book, and they are both one in the same as it's the same story, but I will try to remember to put both read/listen in even though I listened to it.

So when you read or listen to this book the story actually starts on chapter three which is actually done on purpose. The author describes many things in the book, which can help you visualize what you are listening/reading even better There is so many twists and turns in the book you never know what will be around the next corner as you read/listen to the book. I personally think it was a well written book, though some of the descriptions could be cut a bit.

Ambrosia who is a male gets a chance to experience a whole new world that he has never seen before. The book follows his journey into the modern era. New clothes was one of the first things he got introduced to, and the description was quite funny as to what he thought of it. As he is trying to cope with this life he is living, he feels haunted by things in his past and has to think what can be done to cope.

The narrator was great, he pronounced everything at a good pace, never rushing through or drawing out the scenes. He put voices into each of the characters, even making it seem like each one had the proper emotions (example sadness). His voice rose and fell in all the right areas. He does a great job on this book.

I received a free copy of this audio-book free and am giving it an honest review of my thoughts.


Publisher's Summary

Meet Ambrosia as he is invited by a wealthy philanthropist to leave behind his life of general obscurity, safely sheltered from society, to enter a world of intriguing characters in the city of Hartland. But if he only knew what was to come, he may have never stepped onto that plane.

He soon becomes terrorized in a dream so intensely real his mind cannot seem to let go of it and is plagued by disturbing images of infatuation from another time and place. Afraid he is spiraling into madness, Ambrosia seeks out the help of those around him. Yet he has no idea what he is about to uncover. There may be more mystery and magic in his new home than he ever cares to admit.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Ria Goes Camping (Ria Rabbit Book 2)

by Prashant Pinge

This is a cute fun and fast book to read to young children. The pictures are almost like watching a cartoon. The words don't overpower the pictures, it mostly states what you see, which is great for the younger children that get read this book. It's the second book in the series.

Story is about a bunny family who goes on a camping trip. There is Mommy Rabbit, Daddy Rabbit, Baby Rabbit and of course Romi and Ria. There is a few things that they can do there. Its a really cute story that will likely entertain kids.

I received a free copy of this e-book free on Amazon and am giving it an honest review, for my thoughts.

I received a free copy of this e-book free on Amazon and am giving it an honest review, for my thoughts.


Book Description:

Ria Goes Camping - Ria and her family are going on a camping trip. But will Romi have a good time without his video game? Read this fun story to find out.

This is a beautifully illustrated story book which features your favourite characters from Ria Rabbit's world in Pashu Nagri, India.

The Ria Rabbit range of books is fun and educational, perfect for children starting to read by themselves.

Some more titles from the Ria Rabbit series include Romi's New Treehouse, Ria Goes Swimming, Ria Has A Playdate, Ria's Day At The Beach, and Ria Visits The Aquarium.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Brooklyn Bitters

Written by:Sally Saylor De Smet

Please note that this has some "spoilers" from the first bit of the book, but in no way is a huge amount that will ruin your experience to read the book for the first time.

Kate feels so guilty all the time because of how her sister's ( Stacy ) husband died. She goes to the cemetery often to talk to the grave. She had changed colleges to stay at home and be with her ailing mother. Her boss took her off of her fiction and put her onto cookbooks. Forces her to go to a conference and when she asked her sister to look in on their mother, their sister said they would phone but couldn't go over there for ________ reason (I'm not saying why, you can read that "excuse" for yourself lol). Thankfully the neighbor (a friend of her mother) said she would pop in from time to time.

Kate goes the conference in New York and meets a stranger named Gunner. He tries to learn every single thing that he can about her. They get to know each other over the next few hours, mostly him learning about her, but she did get some information about him, he says that they are destined to be together. Whether that was true or not you will have to read for yourself.

I loved the little twists that this Romance book took me too. There is many things to take in with this book and I loved every minute of it.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am giving it an honest review of what I thought of it.


Book Description:

You don't get over killing your sister's husband. Accident or not. When twenty-four-year-old Kate Hathaway graduated with honors from Emory University, she couldn't wait to begin an exciting career in publishing. But one stupid mistake on a cold, rainy morning in Atlanta changed everything. Not only was Glen Lloyd Hastings her brother-in-law but he was also her best friend. Tormented by guilt, she vowed to do anything to make amends to Stacey—her provocative, pampered sister. The once-brilliant career woman settles into a life of loneliness and caring for her ailing mother. On a business trip to New York City, she meets an enticing, mysterious man who coaxes her out of solitude and into a fiery love affair. Not so fast. Stacey won't allow it. The sisters become entangled in secrets, back-stabbing, and betrayal. Is it revenge or something far more sinister?

Friday, July 19, 2019

The naughty Naughty Chair

Written By:Connie Jessop

Illustrator: Margaret Anne

The book is about a couple children name Lucy and Robert, and of course their mom. Robert does a naughty thing and is told to sit in the chair for a certain amount of time.

Cute and fast read for children of a young age. It shows that a child shouldn't misbehave and that wishes might come true but not always in the way you would expect. Pictures are cute and depict what is happening in the story they are reading. Many details in them to take in.

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, of my thoughts.


Book Description:

One day Robert was very bold and his Mother sent him to the Naughty Chair.

Robert hated the Naughty Chair. He wished that he could get rid of it.

Suddenly, the Naughty Chair lifted from the floor.

Robert was still sitting in it.

Was his wish coming true? How would Robert get off the chair?!

About the Author:

Connie Jessop is a Children's author from Dublin. Her other books are Alex and the Magic Cloud, Kelsey Fairy School and The cat with curly Whiskers.

About the Illustrator: Margaret Anne works by hand, with traditional tools, to create her illustrations. She lives in County Dublin, near the sea, with her dashing husband, two amazing sons, and a whiny cat. In her misspent youth, Margaret Anne spent quite a lot of time in the naughty chair.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Romi's New Treehouse (Ria Rabbit Book 1)

by Prashant Pinge

This is a cute fun and fast book to read to young children. The pictures are almost like watching a cartoon. The characters have manners, saying please and thank you. The words dont overpower the pictures, it mostly states what you see, which is great for the younger children that get read this book.

Great job on everything really.j

Story is about a little boy bunny who wants a tree house and whose dad promised that he would build one.

I received a free copy of this e-book free on Amazon and am giving it an honest review, for my thoughts.


Book Description:

Romi's New Treehouse - Romi wants a new treehouse. Can Daddy Rabbit build one for him? Read this fun story to find out.

This is a beautifully illustrated picture book which features your favourite characters from Ria Rabbit's world in Pashu Nagri, India.

The Ria Rabbit range of books is fun and educational, perfect for children starting to read by themselves.

Some more titles from the Ria Rabbit series include Ria Goes Camping, Ria Goes Swimming, Shalu's Birthday Party, Ria Has A Playdate, and Ria Visits The Aquarium.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Written by: Jamie Zerndt

Ok so the first thing I will talk about is the cover itself. To be completely honest, this cover would never grab my attention nor make me think that the contents would be anything that I would like to read. Its just pink with a fishing lure on it. I know the age old saying don't judge a book by its cover, but it's human nature to do so, and if the cover doesn't grab your attention then the group you are targeting the book towards could be lost.

Definitely has some adult-ish content, the first one you will read will make you laugh, which is a description of a turtle that is sunning itself.

Each chapter is about a different persona and what is going on in their life, There is Shawna, Kay, Douglas, and Paris. I will say some chapters start slow and there are times I had to re-read something because of how it drags a scene out and I lose track, but it was still worth the read. I think many could enjoy this book.

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, for my thoughts.


Book Description (from Amazon):

Set in Mercer, Wisconsin, where tensions over Native American fishing rights are escalating, JERKWATER is told from three alternating points-of-view:

Shawna Reynolds, a young Ojibwa woman who doesn’t much care for white people to begin with, and who is quickly being pulled in a direction she may no longer have a desire to resist;

Kay O’Brien, Shawna’s 64-year-old, usually drunk, neighbor who is still grieving the loss of her husband;

And Kay’s son, Douglas, who now finds himself in charge of running the family’s auto repair shop while dealing with his own feelings of guilt.

JERKWATER is a story about the racial tensions churning just beneath the surface of what often appears to be placid, everyday American life.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Rescue 12 Responding

By: Faye Hamilton
Narrated by: Charles Fowler
Length: 8 hrs and 1 min
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 07-02-19
Language: English
Publisher: River Crossing International

This book starts out talking of a girl and follows her a little, then it starts to follow along the 2 paramedics, who meet this young girl and sparks their belief in God. These paramedics are a team called Rescue 12. It follows along as Rescue 12 go to many calls and the book discuses the issues of what is happening, what is going on in the area (for example someone who was mad, it talks of anger talking to this person making them go off). There is so much more to this story as you read/listen.

The narrator was great, he pronounced words properly, and put voices to the characters. His voice rose and fell in all the right areas.

Between the great book and the great narrator it was great to listen to, Especially as I had a migraine so the soothing voice and being able to sit in a dark-ish cool room and just listen was a nice experience.

I loved this book, it is really moving. All the mini scene stories along with the main story really go together. It shows the spiritual battle of good versus evil going on behind the scenes that you don't see.

I received a free copy of this audio-book free and am giving it an honest review of my thoughts.

Faye Hamilton has also said that she has more promo codes for audible and should you wish to have this awesome book your more than welcome to send her a message and if she has an extra you can have for an honest review.


Publisher's Summary

What if the voices we hear in our heads are actual eternal beings that grow in strength by the choices we make?

David and Jonathan are paramedics that deal with life and death and the consequences of human choice. On Rescue 12, they respond to the tragic drug overdose of a group of teenagers at a high school party. One girl survives to tell what she witnessed in her near-death experience. This encounter results in the spiritual awakening of David and forces Jonathan to confront his own Christian faith which he abandoned when he came out as gay to his father.

What happens when the ambulance arrives? What happens when a patient dies? Why do so many things seem outside our human control? Why does God allow for sin, death, and suffering? What’s the point of trying?

These questions are answered, the emergency rescue calls are shared, and the lives of the two paramedics are forever changed by the spiritual warfare that they encounter.

Monday, July 1, 2019

You Don't Belong Here

By:Sean O'Toole

Cute children story good for all ages.

There aren't too many words to most of the pages which helps the kids to focus on whats going on in the picture and to listen to the story without getting bored and distracted (but there is some with too many when kids start to get antsy to look at a new picture) . Cute childlike drawings draw the kids in to look more closely at whats going on and remark on it.

The book is about a pair of muskrat brothers, and even describes what a muskrat is so that the parent or teacher doesn't have to stop the story and explain. Marty and Manny get separated when Marty gets caught and is brought to a new place with animals he has never seen before and who have never seen anyone like him before.

The book shows some good team work and the acceptance of differences in each other.

I just wanna say that the ending is very cute and all kids will enjoy it in my opinion.

I received a free copy of this audio-book free and am giving it an honest review, for my thoughts.


Two muskrat brothers become displaced due to a storm and end up in a lady's backyard. They make a big mess back there, and the lady decides it's time for them to go. She calls an exterminator who comes and sets traps to catch them. He catches one of the muskrats and relocates him in a forest near a pond. He and his brother had never been apart before, and now he was all alone in an unfamiliar place. Some other animals approached him while he was drinking from the pond. They had never seen a muskrat before and were not as welcoming as he would have liked-until the muskrat proved himself worthy of living there by helping the animals defeat a dangerous foe. The other animals realized that he had some unique qualities and skills and did in fact belong at the pond, and they became friends. And someone special may have rejoined the muskrat to make for a happy ending.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Adventures of Samba Rat & Friends in Sherman the Last Dragon

By: Steven and Mary Munsie

This is definitely not a book for younger children, as there is too many words with fewer pictures, but it is good for the older children and with all the big words, you will be able to teach them what they are. The picture themselves are quite cute and childlike and would appeal to many children wishing to read this book.

This book is about Samba Rat, Peter Porcupine, Squirrely the grey squirrel and Cindy the ladybug. The book follows these friends as they take an unintentional adventure involving hatching an egg and trying to learn about the creature it is, etc.

I received a free copy of this e-book free and am giving it an honest review, for my thoughts.


Four woodland friends-Samba Rat; Peter Porcupine; Squirrely, a scout camp mascot; and Cindy, a ladybug-returning home from a spring picnic are caught in a storm and discover a large mysterious egg hidden in an ancient tree. When it hatches into a baby dragon, the four friends are set upon an adventure to find the little creature a home. The four friends are joined by Kitty Joy, a young master scout who first tracks them and then joins them on their adventure to find a mysterious sanctuary and save Sherman, the Last Dragon.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Adam's Cross: Witchfinder, Book 1 - Audiobook

By: E.M.G. Wixley
Narrated by: Alexander Misiti
Series: Witchfinder, Book 1
Length: 4 hrs and 58 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 06-23-16

I am reviewing the audio-book. Not sure i would rate it as a horror book, at least what I view as horror kind of books.

I started to listen to Adam's Cross audio-book is a listen which takes 4 hours and 58 minutes (of course I knew that I wouldn't need that much time to finish cleaning). As I listened to the book and voice narrator I was drawn into the book. With the writers wordings, and the narrator doing some different voices for each character in the book, like an Irish accent for one of the characters, it helps you with the visualization.

The book follows Adam as a child and the things he sees and hears. At certain points you have to ask yourself, is this really what is happening to him?, or just the imagination of a child? Things that he sees, does and thinks is very interesting to hear (or even to read). The book progresses to Adam being an adult.

His parents fight a lot, but usually stop when he is in the room. His mom runs hot and cold with him, and all he wants is his mom's approval. His dad is a very weak man and Adam knows it but wishes it was different.

I received a free copy of this audio-book free and am giving it an honest review, for my thoughts.


Publisher's Summary

Look into the darkness of the human psyche, which lies behind Adam's eyes. Adam as a child believes he is the perpetrator behind a number of mysterious deaths. Is Adam a child serial killer?

Surviving a chaotic childhood, he enters adulthood as a successful musician with a sublime talent, which mesmerizes his audiences. Fearing the axe of his past is about to drop, he begins to confront the traumatic shadows of his childhood, only to discover a far more sinister secret.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Annabelle Pinchum Does Addition and Subtraction

by Susan Srikant

This is a very cute and simple book to read to kids who are just starting to learn adding and subtracting. The illustrations are wonderful, the wording is not overly done, meaning that when you read each page with the words and pictures, the child or children, can view the picture on the page, and still hear whats being said without their minds and thoughts wondering away with their short attention spans lol. Great and fast book to read to any child. ^_^

I received a free copy of this book free for giving it an honest review.


Learning to add and subtract is easy and fun with this colorful picture book. Join Annabelle Pinchum as she floats through the sky, adding one friend after another. And when the adventure is through, each friend is returned to earth, one by one. The last pages of the book contain cutouts of Annabelle, her friends, numbers, and symbols so your child can make their own mathematical equations.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Mirror, Mirror...?

by Dodie Meister

Just a note, this book has some foul language so if you don't like that, than this book isn't for me. As for me I personally loved the book, it had some definitely hilarious moments and some shocking moments, there is a couple spots that can make your jaw drop.

Mildred, or Milly for short, looks in a mirror and start pointing out all the flaws she believes that she has. After she is done her self-criticizing, she makes a joke about not being the fairest but help her change. When nothing answers she feels a type of defeat and asks her electronic Alexa for the temperature. When Alexa responds with a quip, which isn't normal Milly notices that Alexa's light is an orange color instead of its normal coloring.

Throughout the book, Alexa makes changes and influences Milly's life, some things she hates, some she enjoys, but overall, Alexa is trying to do good for Milly.

This is a great book with a nice twist at the end you wont see coming. I loved this book, even read it with someone and he loved it too. Had him laughing at all the same parts I was laughing at.

I received a free copy of this book free for giving it an honest review.


Milly’s middle-aged—divorced with a maturing body. Mentally, she feels all washed up and cast into a Goodwill pile. That is until modern day technology magically intervenes. See what happens as this funny fairytale progresses in the quest for self-acceptance and a second chance at finding prince charming.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Moving Abroad: The Essentials

' Written by: Diana Firican

The book I received had a water mark in the middle of each page and was quite hard to read on a cell phone, cause you have to zoom in on one page at a time to try to read it, zoom out move to next page zoom in, etc. I found that quite annoying, though I am sure it will be different when you get it through a different means.

Other than the above, this book a lot if information. Everything that you may need to do and look into doing and getting to move to a new country. So if you are moving to a new country or even just interested in everything that you have to do before you move I suggest checking this book out.

I will say it is daunting thinking of moving to a new country and seeing all you have to do, but the book lays the information out for you in a good way.

I received a free copy of this book free for giving it an honest review.


Decided to move to another country? This is the Guide for you.

You’ll be guided step-by-step through the preparation for the move, accompanied by detailed and comprehensive explanations, extensive and user-friendly checklists, real stories and useful tips from immigrants who’ve moved abroad successfully. Find out how to:

Decide on the perfect location for you
Take care of the paper work
Find a house you enjoy living in
Find a job you love
Be on top of your budget at all times
Choose the right insurance and… many more

Using this Guide to avoid expensive mistakes, save time with your planning and get rid of your stress and overwhelm. Enjoy the feeling of having everything in grip and… simply become the expert of your move!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Dogs Still Know Best

Dogs Still Know Best: Two Angels Guide Their Human Through Grief, Learning & Love (Two Dogs' Books Book 2)
by Angie Salisbury

This book is the second in the series, I haven't read the first one in the series, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this book itself.

This book is an emotional roller-coaster, it has its sad parts but also had its happy parts, so be prepared for this. This book has stories that have been experienced, and just being re-told here where everyone can read about.

As an owner with 2 dogs myself this book was an interesting read, seeing the stories and how they can be comforting. Really glad to have read this book.

I received a free copy of this book free for giving it an honest review.


The Pointers are back! This time as two of the sweetest, wisest angels you can imagine.

Much has happened since Dogs Know Best: Two Dogs’ Training Guide For Humans stole the hearts of dog lovers around the world. There has been a lot of grief, a lot of learning and an infinite amount of love. In this touching sequel, follow Angie’s very personal account of how the Pointers sparked her spiritual journey, one that allowed her to open her heart, open her mind and in the process, receive amazing gifts, the biggest one of all being her new love, a sweet little Pointer puppy named Minnie. The result is a dramatic shift in perspective about life, grief and embracing a new way of thinking. And with all three of her beloved Pointers by her side, every step of the journey is filled with love and support. In fact, there’s a whole cheering section along for the ride!

On the other side, love is everything.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Welcome to Moonshine: The Daydreamer Chronicles: Book 2

Jethro Punter

This is the second book of the series, if you haven't read the first novel have no worries, you wont have an issue following the story in this second book. BUT if you intend to read the first book, don't start on the second cause there is a spoiler to the ending of the first in this second installment.

Spoiler Alert if you haven't read the first book, you will not want to read over my review on some of the happenings in this book.

Gimble has a foot injury from battle that when he start to feel to comfortable he will move his foot which brings the pain into focus for a while again. (The revealing of this will become evident soon).

Adam is still popping in and out of the dreamworld Reverie, he has been having concentration issues because of it and even his friends patience is running thin while trying to help Adam with homework. Charlie still enjoys hearing all about the dreamworld that Adam goes to while he sleeps. His mom is still missing and but Adam remains hopeful since things are still trying to settle down in Reverie.

Adam is also frustrated because Gimble and Lucid told him that they would help him find his mother and until Gimble’s foot is better they can’t go.

So without saying too much more and spoil the book for new readers, my thoughts are that it is well written and doesn't linger too long on scenes. It flows smoothly together from one scene to the next. I think many will enjoy this book, especially if you liked the first book in the series.

I received a free copy of this book and for an honest review.


Being the hero of Reverie is turning out to be much, much harder work than Adam was expecting. There is another side to the Great Dream. A city where all the strangest dreams come from.... Moonshine. Ruled by a mad Queen and full of chaos and oddity, up until now it had been left alone by the rest of the world, a destination for the lost, the lonely and the strange.

But now there is something new and very, very bad growing in the heart of Moonshine, and whether they like it or not, Adam and his friends are going to have to get to the bottom of it. If they don't then strange dreams will be the least of their problems.

Welcome to Moonshine is the second book in the Daydreamer Chronicles series

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids

SB Hilarion

Great book for helping kids to learn words

Reading this book and all the thought and pictures drawn into it, is a great experience, even as an adult you will likely learn some words that you never seen before.

If you have a child that you would like to know some big but interesting names I highly suggest that you check this book out. Not only does it give the word, the meaning, and a few pictures it even shows you the way to pronounce the word, making it easier on the adults that may not know the proper way to say it.

From the letter A to the letter Z you will have multiple pages for each letter to check out.

I received an ebook of this for free for an honest review


After immersing themselves in mantras in I AM Manifesto, young siblings Hao Finley and Sabine Yi Lee are on their journey of seeking knowledge from around the world. In Humongous (& Cool) Words For Kids, these philomaths not only learn about words from their own and other cultures and countries, they absorb new facts about stuff they thought they knew. Name the subject, they're sharing: science and math (big, uncomplicated check!), different languages ("oui, sí, shì" check!), environmental awareness (layered-atmosphere check!), etiquette (thank you, check!), music (treble clef check!), international cuisine (lots of yummy checks!), and many more.

Sunday, June 2, 2019


by Anne Schlea

As the Toiseach (leader) of the vampire clan, named Clan of the Raven, Antonia is expected to lead but she decides to pursue her own dreams and leaves without letting anyone know, not even her "mate" who she feels has hurt her, and hopes that they will think she has died and move on. She wishes to no longer be a part of the vampire world and instead be mortal and attempts her own project to see if it is possible.

She is found by someone who thinks of her as an enemy, Richard, who wants to be the leader of the clan. Something happens (that i wont reveal and) Antonia gets wounded (they use another wording for this, but you will read it in the book), and since she hasn't fed in very long time her condition is not good.

I feel that I should mention Arthur (brother) and Stephanie (human college room mate and more) and one of the things they do after Antonia is hurt is they watch over Antonia while they wait on Zartan (leader of The Clan of the Dragon). Though they do so much more than this, I did want to mention their names without giving too much away.

Nosferatu are another kind that have the vampire genes but they are not the same and were once enemies until a truce was put into effect....will that stay true throughout the story, if so why do they keep the truce, and if not, what made them decide to no long keep the truce? Find out more when you read this book. ^_^

Read this great book to know more on the story line, you wont believe the things in store in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and cant wait to read more from this author.

I received a free copy of this book and for an honest review.


Antonia Paige has been ripped out of vampire retirement, and she's not happy about it.

Everyone in her life agrees Antonia was given control of her family's clan when she was far too young. And after a couple of centuries of doing a mediocre job, Antonia has managed to vanish from her family and vampire society. She lands at a small North Georgia college with a plan: through scientific experiment, she will attempt to remove the vampire virus from her system. If she is successful, she can be human again.

Unfortunately, it's much harder for the head of a clan to disappear than Antonia realizes. Her brother Richard wants the crown for himself, but to take it, he must take out his sister. He tracks her down, but luckily for Antonia, a lover she jilted long ago is hovering nearby, waiting for an opportunity to rescue her. Antonia has learned a lot during her years living as a human, however, and she doesn't want to be rescued--she wants to prove herself.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Boy Who Dreamt the World: The Daydreamer Chronicles: Book 1

by Jethro Punter

Adam loves to day dream, even in places he shouldn't be doing so. While Adam thinks he is too old for bed time stories, it doesn't stop him from enjoying them. Adam and his mother are very much alike as you will find out when you read through this book.

Adam has a friend named Charlie who is like the polar opposite of Adam. In size, looks and even in imagination. Despite those differences they are good friends, which started when they were in a class together. Charlie does enjoy things that Adam comes out with, games, etc, and Adam can get things done because of Charlie. Something changes in Adams life when a new girl joins the class (you will have to read this interesting book to find out what that is though).

This story has an intriguing view point of what the dream world looks like, and how it interacts with people who are dreaming. I really enjoyed reading this book, it keeps you wondering what is coming next in the story line, and how it will play out. I am very interested to see what the second book will be like.

I received a free copy of this book and for an honest review.


Adam is living the dream - literally.....

There are two worlds which have always lived alongside each other, The Waking World and the Great Dream, Reverie. Adam is living a very ordinary life until he becomes aware of the link between the worlds and discovers that, as a Daydreamer, he is one of the very few people who can travel freely between the two and achieve impossible things.

You would think that being in control of your dreams would be fun. But when both worlds are threatened by a new and growing danger and when Nightmares not only roam the dream world but also start chasing him even while he is awake, Adam realizes that he will need all of his new found powers just to survive the night.

With the help of a very unusual band of friends Adam now has to save both worlds, discover more about his past and, if he can, try and avoid yet another detention.

The Boy who Dreamt the World is the first book in the Daydreamer Chronicles series.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Screamcatcher: Web World

by Christy Breedlove

I received this book free from the author and will be giving a small rundown and an honest review on what I thought of it.

Jorlene (Jory) Pike and Choice Daniels are the people you meet right off the bat, and they greet you with some humor, in this encounter that you get to witness. As they talk in the first chapter you will see a build into what direction the story will be heading into, Nightmares.

Jory has /nightmares all the time that it takes her ages to fall asleep. Jory's grandfather (Albert White Feather Pike) has tried to give her some old herbal remedies like wild black cherry tea to try to help her through it, but nothing has worked.

Jory resorts to using a dream catcher from her grandfathers shop after being tag teamed with her Grandfather and Choice telling her to at least try it out cause it couldn't hurt. Choice and her grandfather make a deal in another room after she agreed to try it. If you wish to know about the deal (which in my opinion is why things with this precise dream catcher went wrong) you will just have to go read this epic tale yourself.

Jory and her 3 sleepover companions are dragged into the Nightmare-ish world. In this place there is one twist and turn after another that they have to deal with.

Personally i found this book to be a page turner, something I didn't want to put down until the end. There were so many twists and turns that it keeps you on the edge trying to guess what is going to be around that next corner (page). I really enjoyed this book, and will be looking forward to any others that may follow.


From the Back Cover

When seventeen-year-old Jory Pike cannot shake the hellish nightmares of her parent's death, she turns to an old family heirloom, a dream catcher. Even though she's half blood Chippewa,Jory thinks old Indian lore is so yesterday, but she's willing to give it a try.However, the dream catcher has had its fill of nightmares from an ancient and violent past.After a sleepover party and during one of Jory's most horrific dream episodes, the dream catcher explodes, sucking Jory and her three friends in to its own world of trapped nightmares--a place where there's no color or electricity, the houses are derelict, and the streets are filled with murderers and thieves.

They are now trapped in the web world,where every nightmare and evil spirit has been kept in quarantine, and these spirit beasts will stop at nothing to halt Jory and her friend's passage through the realm. Jory leads her friends through the web maze, following the clues of her ancestors. She'll have to decipher the strange footprints, path markers, and a mysterious riddle. It all leads to the burning light that sears a hole through the middle of the earth.But is that the tunnel of light where people really go when they die? Or is it the Indian light of salvation--the circle of life--the hole in the web? She soon discovers that she is the key and that none of her friends can escape this u-side-down world unless she summons the courage to make the first step.