Sunday, October 31, 2021

Valkyrie Fallen (Vikings and Vengeance #1)

Written by: Laurel Night

I absolutely loved this book. It really draws you in from the very first chapter as it talks about Brenna and the way she is living and how she came to find herself that way. There is so many areas in the novel that will have you in different emotional states, from happiness, sadness, up to the searing heat in certain scenes. There are many emotional scenes that jerk your heartstrings in all ways you can think of.

The way it ends leaves you craving for the next book and wanting more. I can not wait to see the next book and see how that one flows from the way this one ends. I will definitely be on the lookout for this book when it hits the shelves.

I got this as an ARC and I am so happy that I was able to read this. This review is my own thoughts on the novel and wouldn't change in the slightest. I have posted no tidbits or spoilers as it was sort-of requested.

This book will not let you down if you like reading about action packed books with some heated scenes thrown in!

Here are a couple links: This book at the moment is to be released soon, so get your pre-order in, or if it is already out by the time you read this, go buy it and check it out, you wont be sorry you did.


Book Description:

I’m a legendary Valkyrie, and for over a thousand years I’ve managed to avoid Odin’s gaze.
You know, from his one good eye.

The second I’m forced to reveal myself, he sends me back in time to live with the viking hordes who worshipped him.

But it’s impossible to keep a low profile in this tiny village, especially as my powers continue to grow. My only choice is to sail west where there are far more people and far less scrutiny.

And for that I need gold.

As I select the strongest warriors for my raiding party, I question if I’ll be able to say goodbye when the time comes. They’ve proven useful for more than fighting, and despite my long history of heartbreak, I’ve grown fond of these backward barbarians.

However, when Odin threatens my men to punish me, I have to make a choice—

Stick with my plan to run, or wage war against the gods?

Valkyrie Fallen is the first book in the Vikings & Vengeance series, featuring vengeful Norse gods, three sexy viking men, and one seriously pissed off valkyrie. Expect lots of action, adventure, and a swoon-worthy romance between a foul-mouthed, millennia-old warrior and the men she calls her own. This is a medium burn romance, and is not recommended for readers under 18.