Thursday, July 29, 2021

Anchored: An Urban Fantasy (The Anchored Series #1)

Written by: Bridget E. Baker

This was a great read, I really enjoyed it and am very glad to have bought it. This book has so much packed into the plot that you will find yourselves wondering what is going to be next. I cant wait to read more.

Under this will be some small tidbits from the first few chapters, so if you dont want the few "spoilers' that will tell you some of the story but won't spoil it, here it is:

This book talks about Alora and her life (Terra). She has the ability to Lift which is unheard of in a female. Only males can Lift (other males can Heal, but they can not do both). If Alora is found out, it could spell trouble. Only her troupe knows what she can do and they try to make sure she isnt found out. She never knew her father and her mother was part of the troupe but has passed, she has no siblings.

This book also talks about Alora while she lives her life (on Earth). Alora uses a fake name "Alice" and is used to being called it. She has a brother name Jesse, who she talks about her dreams of Terra with. She is Alora in the dreams, and if she has any injuries when she goes to sleep, she wakes up Healed. She works as a dishwasher getting paid under the table, and scrapes table scraps into her mouth and a takeout container she takes home with her.

You will find out that there is legend that Martin tells Alora when an issue arises and they must flee the area. I wont reveal more but I hope this entices people to check out this great read.


Book Description:

Two worlds, one fate...

Alora was born with the ability to Lift, a power no other women on Terra possess. If the wrong people find out, there's no telling what will happen. But when she almost kills a man in self-defense, her secret is exposed and she's forced to run for her life.

On Earth, Alora's running from something else: hazy memories of her parents' death and the social worker who wants to separate her from her brother. When she sees the man she almost killed on Terra at work, she's flummoxed. She's never recognized anyone from there before—after all, Terra exists only in her dreams...

When her dreams begin to leach into reality, something incredible awakens in Alora. But she knows better than anyone that everything comes with a cost. As the barrier between worlds crumbles, Alora must decide which is safer, which is more powerful, and which world is worth saving.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Biff and Becka's Stupendous Vacation

By Elaine Beachy

Me and my daughter loved reading this together, I will say it has been years since we did read it, but I wanted to mention this nice children book. It was a great reading experience. There are awesome black and white pictures to go with the words every few pages or so. Very well written story. This teaches many lessons on life for the young ones to learn about while reading this story. Its not a long book so children will not likely get bored by it before the ending comes.

Biff is disappointed when the vacation plan at the beach is cancelled and the family must improvise with a vacation at home. Saying anything more might spoil the story for you, so go read and enjoy this cute novel with your kid(s).

Book Description

Biff's anticipated family vacation takes an unexpected turn. How will he deal with bitter disappointment? Is his summer ruined? Will he be humiliated by his friends?

In interesting twists and turns, the author takes Biff and his rabbit family through a trying time that has a surprising outcome. Engaging questions for each chapter at the end encourage lively discussion between your child or grandchild and you.

The author paints a picture of a godly home to give encouragement and guidance to parents who struggle and kids who hurt.

Biff and Becka's Stupendous Vacation helps your child know how to deal with disappointment. It also helps children relate to family and friends with honesty and respect.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Last Light (Restoration #1)

By Terri Blackstock

I didn't realize this would be the first of a series until i was done and looking up the book in Goodreads. So I will definitely be on the lookout for the next one in the series. This is a very nice read. Once I started, I didn't want to put it down. Very inspirational book about the all electricity going out everywhere and follows one family hopes and fears about what is happening. There is problems going on in their neighborhood because of the outage, there is helping hands. It makes you wonder what you would do if this actually happens, or at least it did to me.

At the beginning of the book Deni and her Father, Doug, get off a plane and then another plane crashes, and not long after that another plane crashes. All the electric has gone out and no one knows why. Cars, watches, cellphones, and even game-boys don't work. Even brand new things that haven't been used go out as soon as they are turned on. The book follows Deni and her family through their up and down and shows how God is always there for you no matter what.

Book Description

In the face of a crisis that sweeps an entire high-tech planet back to the age before electricity, Deni Branning's career ambitions have vanished. She's not about to let her dream of marriage go as well.

But keeping it alive will require extraordinary measures. Yesterday's world is gone. All Deni and her family have left is each other and their neighbors. Their little community will either stand or fall together. But they're only beginning to realize it - and trust doesn't come easily.

Particularly when one of them is a killer.

Best-selling suspense author Terri Blackstock weaves a masterful what-if novel in which global catastrophe reveals the darkness in human hearts - and lights the way to restoration for a self-centered world.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Luna (The Dark Between Series, #1)

Written by: Rae Else

This was the first time reading a novel from this author. I was far from disappointed and am very glad to have been able to read this book.

This book had such powerful scenes that really bring the story line into focus. There is many plot loops that make you question what will happen next as well as answer some of the questions you have.

I absolutely loved reading this book and can't wait to see what the next book will have in store with some of what you learn near the end, how it will fit into to new book and what it will lead to by the end should be a great find.

The book follows Jess for the most part but there are a few scenes that are from Matteo side. Each chapter brought forth new revelations or questions. Some questions get answered in different chapters while also bringing forth more.

This e-book was given to me at my request to read it and I am leaving a review in my own honest words of what I had thought of it.


Book Description

When Romulus killed Remus, the wolf clans swore enmity to one another ever after.

Seventeen-year-old Jess has survived an upbringing in care. Diagnosed with rage blackouts, people look at her with pity and fear. The solution? Brutal workouts, Art-oh-and staying the hell away from others. Easily done in backwater Maine.

Yet one night, she wakes to find herself by a lake, her clothes covered in blood, with no memory of what happened. Soon the water is aflame and a portal opens. Transported to the Triodia Penitentiary, she discovers she's a shifter, a type of para. She's accused of murder and locked up.

Desperate to find a way out, she turns to her fellow inmates for help. Yet as they mount an escape, the enemies circling her increase. Will Jess survive unlocking the dangerous Heights and Depths of the para world and those within herself?

Luna is the first in a four-book series, The Dark Between. A decadently dark YA Fantasy full of Heights and Depths that will leave you craving more. Perfect for fans of Laini Taylor and Sarah J. Maas.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Starring Me

By Krista McGee

This is the second book, the first one being First Date. I didn't know know prior to reading this, and you didn't need to read it to enjoy (/understand) reading this book.

This book is about a new hit tv show for teens who will star a male and female teen co-stars. Kara McKormick who wants to be a famous actress on TV, and is picked to be ing the top 10. It is also about Chad Beacon who won America’s Next Star and wants to branch out into acting, who already has the part. It features Addy (Kara's best friend and previous co-competitor in The Book of Love) and Jonathan (the presidents son) as well.

This is a great read. I loved every minute of reading this and recommend it to everyone. Is has some great laughs in store for all who read it. _______________________________________________________________________

Book Description

Kara McKormick is told she’s auditioning to star in a new teen variety show. But it’s what she isn’t told that could change her life.

The feisty New Yorker moves to sunny Orlando to participate in a month-long audition, where she’ll live with nine other contestants and an eccentric housemother. Kara knows that the show already has a big-time celebrity lined up for the co-host, but she doesn’t know who it is.

Chad Beacon quickly rose to fame after winning America’s Next Star, but he doesn’t want his entire career to be about singing. There is so much more he wants to do—like act. The new variety show sounds like the perfect next step for him, but his parents want him to have a co-star who shares his faith since they’ll be spending so much time together.

Acting is high on Kara’s priority list. But a relationship with God? Not so much. In fact, she’s tried to stay away from anything religious. But God is after Kara’s heart and He’s put people in her life who are showing her there’s far more to Christianity than rules and judgment.

And just when it seems that Kara’s going to have to give up her acting dream, God reveals that she may have a starring role after all—in a story so big only He could write it.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Through Rushing Water

By Catherine Richmond

Sophia had her heart set on being married to the US Congressman, but he ended up getting engaged to her roommate. She is heartbroken and signs up to be a missionary. She ends up being sent a Ponca Indian Agency in the Dakota Territory. She believes this to be a mistake that God made, she believes she will be more useful somewhere else, like China.

The men help build an outhouse for the school (where Sophia is to teach in) the second day she was there. She helps the children learn English, and regular school related things, and also about God.

This is a very interesting story, very heartwarming. I would recommend this book to everyone. It hold a bit of everything in there; religion, romance, history, and more.


Book Description

Sophia has her life all planned out—but her plan didn’t include being jilted or ending up in Dakota Territory.

Sophia Makinoff is certain that 1876 is the year that she’ll become the wife of a certain US Congressman, and happily plans her debut into the Capitol city. But when he proposes to her roommate instead, Sophia is stunned. Hoping to flee her heartache and humiliation, she signs up with the Board of Foreign Missions on a whim.

With dreams of a romantic posting to the Far East, Sophia is dismayed to find she’s being sent to the Ponca Indian Agency in the bleak Dakota Territory. She can’t even run away effectively and begins to wonder how on earth she’ll be able to guide others as a missionary. But teaching the Ponca children provides her with a joy she has never known—and never expected—and ignites in her a passion for the people she’s sent to serve.

It’s a passion shared by the Agency carpenter, Willoughby Dunn, a man whose integrity and selflessness are unmatched. The Poncas are barely surviving. When U.S. policy decrees that they be uprooted from their land and marched hundreds of miles away in the middle of winter, Sophia and Will wade into rushing waters to fight for their friends, their love, and their destiny.

Friday, July 9, 2021

The Resurrected Ones

The Resurrected Ones
A Story of Life, Death, and Resurrection
By Richard K. Thomas, Ed.D.

I am going to talk about some small spoilers for chapters 1 to 5 but after that I am just going to leave it, as you will want to read it in full as this is a pretty nice book to read

This book has 13 Chapters each with a different story.

Chapter 1 (The Roman Soldier Dikmari)= Dikmari among 3 others are chasing 3 armed (with blades) and violent criminals. He has a chestnut stallion that he rides. He loves the outdoors, always has. He developed a love for horses at an early age. He spoke to Jesus and accept that God was his Father and has peace in his heart.

Chapter 2 (The Jewish Merchant’s Daughter Cheba= Cheba has a brother, and three sisters. She talks to Jesus who renews her love for God even more than she did.

Chapter 3 (The Old Greek Scholar Genova) = Genova, is having a harder time trying to see the detailed script work he is doing. "Yes, my eyesight is dimming" he thinks to himself. But at least he still can see. He was orphaned at an early age. He is in a prison cell.

Chapter 4 (The Resurrection and the Resurrected Ones) = This tells of the Crucifixion of Jesus and his rising again. Of how the saints also rose with him at the same time.

Chapter 5 (The First Mission) = This continues from the previous story. It talks of Dikmari, Cheba and Genova.

All stories are in, or around Jerusalem. They all have Jesus in them speaking to the main character(s).


Book Description

A story of an ancient community of saints who crossed the bridge of death twice

The account you are about to read, is a story of the great providences of God. Providence is an interesting word. According to the Oxford University Dictionary, it means The protective care of God. This is a story that concerns aspects of Gods divine resources and of His protective care. Remember, Gods resources are limitless, so anything is possible!

The Scriptures tell us that there were certain saints who were resurrected from their graves, following the crucifixion of Christ. Is this strange or what? To say the least, this is a very unique and unusual event! There is nothing else like it, anywhere in the Scriptures. No specific explanations are given. The Bible says MANY came forth from their graves and were recognized by their friends when they returned to Jerusalem. What could be the reason many saints were brought forth from their graves? What could be the role and purpose of these special RESURRECTED ONES, in the Kingdom of God? After all, they have been amongst us now for over 2,000 years! There must be a reason why they are here. I have thought about this for some time now. Here is what I have concluded. First, I believe their role has been that of witnesses. Ye shall be My witnesses. Second, I believe their role has been to provide providential care.

Hopefully, this narrative will expand your concepts of the greatness of the divine resources that our gracious Creator uses, to bring about His plans and purposes in this man-made world of chaos and confusion. To say the least, I think your imagination will be challenged as you read the adventures of The Resurrected Ones!

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Cinnamon Twists (Taco Bell )

Oil -to go into either in a deep frier or in a pot, its your choice (your choice of oil as well)
Duros / Duritos -these dont need long to cook maybe 15-20 seconds (this is a mexican pastag)
Cinnamon sugar - or just 1 tbsp cinnamon and 1/2 cup sugar to combine with each other aprrox

Heat oil
Place a few duros in without adding too many cause they expand to about 10 times their size
Remove duros from oil
Quickly sprinkle cinnamon sugar over the duros for it to stick

Eat and Enjoy!

Monday, July 5, 2021

Wendy and the Lost Girls Parts One to Five

Written by Tom Doganoglu

This was a very interesting tale. The way the author tells this story is very unique from what you might have expected when you pick the book but it was very enjoyable experience. It has a lot of character development in it and makes you see a whole new world instead of the same old kind of Neverland story.

The novel starts off with letting us know that Wendy is an orphan and lives in a place called the Darling Academy and always gets "detention" with the headmistress. All the kids in the academy are set up with the last name Darling, to ensure they belong to the academy. Wendy and some girls (whose names are Alexandria, Elizabeth, and Mary) are told by Belle that they must save Peter, who will (after rescuing be able to) assist them in rescuing the fairies and Neverland.

I have really enjoyed reading through it. It took a while cause things kept interrupting me and it was quite hard to put down each time I was able to pick it back up.

I was able to request a free ebook copy of this story and am willingly leaving my own opinions on the novel with no bias on story.


Book Description

In a land where anything is possible, sometimes the hardest thing to do is believe.

Wendy is an orphan, living and learning at the Darling School for girls under the strict supervision of Headmistress Darling. Along with her regular studies, Wendy is forced to learn fencing, archery, rapelling, hand to hand combat, wilderness survival, and a variety of other things she is sure she will never need.

She yearns to be free of the school’s unrelenting control of her life, and finally gets her chance when Belle appears hovering outside her window, asking her to bring warriors and come back with her to Neverland to free Peter and the remaining faeries from the evil Queen who rules the land.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Great pet gaming type sites - Subeta, Wajas, Neopets

These sites are all family friendly so children and adults of all ages play them. (I dont play them that often, but I will admit I do log in once in a while to check in on my account and animals). (There will be a shout out at the end with my favorite game that is no longer going. Go pets which was the first pet type game I played).


Subeta was the around the second game site I checked out. I have been on that site for over 11 years now. Sadly I could find no banner. Click here to go to Subeta

There is "quests" that you do, each one has their own set amount that you can do daily for each section. There is a "Wizard" which you can do 10 quests for, which is the normal amount for most of them. then there is Shinwa who you can only do her quest once a day. You will want to do hers first if you want to do hers cause she does hers in 5 stages where you have to go to the other quest giving people and do their quests (and yes it does take a quest away from your total with the people you go to). Also on the weekends you will see the site say something like this:

If you upgrade your account to a Gold account then you will get double the quests. You can do this by cashing with real money by buying what they call Cash shop cash (csc), they also now have a subscription apparently but you can also get it different ways. One way is you stay with the site for a year and you get a Loyalty box where you can select a 3 free months of a Gold account (GA). The site also gives away csc (cash shop cash) once in a while. And the biggest way you can do this without cashing is just play the game, get the free credits which they call sP and buy a medal from someone who paid cash for it.

There is so much more to the game, but I will leave this here with some picutres of pets that you can collect and these pets can be dyed many different ways, multiple times.


The next game I got into was Wajas which does have a banner thankfully

This site is all about dog types. Water, fire, forest, etc. Different species getting added every once in a long while. I started this game when in it was in the early stages, before it was fully released to the public you could only get into the site by referral which is what I did. So in all honesty I dont know what you get to start with but it is a great site and very family friendly, I know many adults, teens and kids play it. There is multiple games you can play to get WC, which is the free currency, there is even a lottery that you can buy tickets to win the pot. The currecy you buy with real money is called CWP.

You get a cave which gives you a certain amount of room for your pets, but you can upgrade it with WC. Atm I am at 252 cave size which meansmy cave holds up to 1260 wajas. If you get more than what your cave holds some of your wajas will start to "wander" out of your cave entually so it's best to not get too close to the max.

On the forum multiple people are willing to give up cute and free pups to newbies. Though you will never get 1st generation cause those are only gotten with cwp. You can get CWP by cashing on the site or by buying it from other people in their shops.

The pets have so many different color varriations, a lot of different markings and mutations that can be on them or added onto them later on. You can breed the wajas with love pears you buy from the pear shop on the site with wc. You can request breedings with other people but be sure to check what they have in cave rules as each person has them.


Another great game I played was Neopets. Sadly I could find no banner for this one either. Click here to go to Neopets

This one has lots of pets to choose from and different "paints" to color them with. There is now a dressing room area where you can dress them up with clothing and backgrounds (this wasnt there when I had played many years ago but looks like a great addition).


Honorable Mention:

( GoPets used to be an awesome one I loved to play years and years ago, it had a downloadable playable area where you could play with pets, fish and visit friendsetc, it had a chat box pop out area that you could use to chat in, multiple language room areas, as well as they used a site for other things like buying outfits, etc. This actually was my first pet game I had ever came across and really enjoyed it. I have long since lost pictures of my journeyu there but here is some from google searches: (also there is a Nintendo DS game out there as well, which I must look into seeing if I can find one).

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Hope Springs

By Kim Tate
This book tells us of 3 women's stories (Janelle, Stephanie, Becca) that are interlinked with each others lives.

Grandma Geraldine (Geri) is very sick and so when the family and friends learn of this they all show up for the family reunion for Christmas (all but one daughter that is). The grandmother won't allow anyone call the daughter and tell her, how she is sick, and that she wants a reunion with her family because of their hearts, not out of pity for her or some sense of duty, etc.

Hope Springs is the town this story is based out of it has two churches, one black and one white, and neither church goers seem to want to mingle with the others church functions. The 2 main families in the story go to different churchs. The Dillons (Becca's husband, Todd) is a member of the white church (and he is thinking of taking his late fathers position as Pastor), the Sanders (Janelle, Stephanie, Geri,etc) belong to the black church, Maybe if the two pastor join forces.....

Janelle's husband, David, died around 2 years ago and because of that she had distanced herself from her family and her hometown. Even though she didn't want to go to the family reunion she does, cause she knows her grandmother is sick. After she get there she feels compelled to stay with her grandmother, to help her out while she goes through her treatments (won't say what as it is though). A past love from her hometown who broke her heart in College appears, Kory, and their daughters become very fast friends....

Janelle's cousin - Stephanie decides to stay with Grandma as well, she feels that God is making her start her Boot Camp training, for helping to serve others and Him. Her husband is serving a medical mission out of the country. She then feels compelled to have to work and help out in a Diner where there is much help needed.

Becca is super happy that she has landed a spot speaking at a big women's conference called, Worth & Purpose. Now her husband, Todd, wants to take over preaching at his old hometown church, to move and sell their house.

I loved reading these tales, each one has their own unique style of what is going on. The author did a great job telling their tales in each story.


Book Description

God’s plans for three women—and the small town of Hope Springs—may be bigger than anyone could have imagined.

Janelle Evans hasn’t gone back to Hope Springs for family reunions since losing her husband. But when she arrives for Christmas and learns that her grandmother is gravely ill, she decides to extend the stay. It isn’t long before she runs into her first love, and feelings that have been dormant for more than a decade are reawakened.

Becca Anderson is finally on the trajectory she’s longed for. Having been in the ministry trenches for years, she’s been recruited as the newest speaker of a large Christian women’s conference. But her husband feels called to become the pastor of his late father’s church in Hope Springs. Will small-town living affect her big ministry dreams?

Stephanie London is married to a doctor in St. Louis and living an ideal life. When her cousin Janelle volunteers to stay in Hope Springs and care for their grandmother, she feels compelled to do the same. It’s a decision that will forever change her.

As these women come together, they soon recognize that healing is needed in their hearts, their families, and their churches that have long been divided along racial lines. God’s plan for them in Hope Springs—and for Hope Springs itself—is bigger than they ever imagined.


In a small Southern community where everyone is holding tight to something, the biggest challenge may be learning to let go.

Hope Springs, North Carolina, is the epitome of small town life—a place filled with quiet streets where families have been friends for generations, a place where there’s not a lot of change. Until three women suddenly find themselves planted there for a season.