Sunday, August 30, 2020

Multi-Functional Cat Tree Condo

Picture of my "kitten" on top who likes to dangle his head and my dog underneath:

"Kitten" laying on top of house:

My large cat on top and smallest kitty on the bottom was paying around:

This last photo is to show how large my one cat is, and he likes laying in the top and bottom:

This is to show you the size difference of the smallest cat we have and my doggo:

It took a bit of time to put together. Only about 15-20 minutes. Quite easy to assemble and pretty sturdy. It’s made of PVC pipes and joints.

My younger cat and older cats like it. Even my dogs liked going into the bottom lmao. Took a few pictures. For the comments that I seen on Amazon saying that it is not good for a large cat haven’t got a large one cause they can fit in the areas just fine. My dogs are bigger than any cat could be.

I really love this cat tree/bed and am really glad to have gotten it.

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