Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Christmas Freebies in 2020

So it is getting to that time again when people start getting ready for the coming Season. I thought I would compile some things that people may like to use. I am adding in pictures of what it is underneath cause just a lot of typing looks too boring in my opinion, and seeing what you will go to look at through these links seemed to be a better way to convey what's there.

So the first thing I was thinking of was a personalized video from santa and the one I found looks quite cute from this website here . There is a free option as well as paid options. Now I haven't tested it just yet because my daughter is too old for these, but I will still be testing it.

For those who like to make and personalize Christmas cards I found a cute site where it has that and more here .

I seen these cute templates you can print out for your child to fill in for Santa Here .

Phone call from Santa himself. So there is so many ways to have this happen, I am going to list a couple:
The first of which is one where you do not need a cellphone for. If you go here . You can choose to have a call come from Santa or The Elf and then there are 4 other options "Be Good" , "On My List" , "Something Special" , "Sweet Dreams". This is not personalized to your child but it can be something if you don't have a cell phone to use.

Now this was a hard call to chose between the multiple apps out there, but when I seen this one with so many options I thought I would pass it on Here , you can get it for iPhone or Android .

I hope these help people out during the coming season. I know I will be using some of them. a

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