Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Gifts almost done

Today I have mostly all the friends and family gifts except for all of Cassie's gifts bought and wrapped up. I paid for the emissions for the van, it passed.

Tomorrow I will be finishing her shopping and wrapping. We are also getting the safety for the van, and if it passes then we are getting Linda to meet us at the License burrow to sign an affidavit saying we exchanged no money for the van, and then changing into my name.

Saturday I will be going to a town a ways away to get the rest of the gifts for friends and family. It is only small things but I am hoping they will still like them. And also getting a few last minute things for Cassie. I will be going to Taylor's to give them their Christmas gifts.

Sunday I will be picking up our Christmas meal.

Monday will be my relaxing day.

Tuesday we are going to Sheila's Christmas party for an hour then heading to Piper's for their Christmas party and giving them their Christmas gifts.

Wednesday we are of course opening our gifts. Having supper at Debbie's place, and then we will be heading to Linda's that night for the night, so we can wake up on Thursday for another "Christmas morning".

Thursday we will open Linda's gifts to us, and she will open ours to her.

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