Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick day today /Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

Went to a church for lunch. Had noodles, meatballs, salad and Lemon pie with graham cracker crust.

Dad picked Cassie up from school today and walk her home here.

Me and Dave took Cassie to the wagon rides downtown, for a ride and then she went to foundations.

On the way back I went to the dollar store for a couple throw away pans that are deep

When I picked her up from foundations I bought me and her a small candy cane hot chocolate. Man are they expensive, $2.00 for a small! But they are really good.

We walked over to Metro cause I wanted to see about some icing, but they were closing.

Brought out chicken to cook for tomorrow, and will be using a deep pan I bought today, it makes sure the grease doesn't splatter everywhere in the oven.

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