Sunday, February 2, 2014

Supernatural / Into the Darkness

A few years ago I had watched all the episodes in season 1-4 but only a few from 5 and had wondered what happened after Lilith. I am not catching up watching all the episodes. I re-watched season 1-4 plus have watched season 5 and have started in season 6. This is always an interesting show to me.

I am on episode 5 as we speak. Dean just got thrown onto a dumpster by a vampire and was fed his blood. Sam watched it happen for a bit before "trying" to get the vampire. Dean's hearing has increased and it is driving him nuts. Sam doesn't want to kill Dean, but since Dean can hear his heartbeat he knows that Sam isn't freaked out, though Sam says that he is. Dean is fighting his vampire urges as he says goodbye to Lisa and Ben. Sam knew about the cure, but says he didn't.

So besides watching this show I have been reading Into The Darkness, by V.C. Andrews. Very good books, they are still going out under a ghost writer. This book is quite interesting. I have gotten almost half way through. Certain parts bored me but there are some interesting things in it.

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