Thursday, November 8, 2018

Free Items of all kinds

I know I have posted about this site years and years ago, but I figure for those who didnt see and know my blog from back then should have a chance to know about this site.

The site is called Listia and in this site there are the most random of items (sorta like ebay) and you can bid credits on them. These you can get for free (by watching videos, doing surveys, etc) or by buying them with real money, or selling your own things on the site.

This is the site here:

If you do sign up i would really appreciate it if you used my code to say that i sent you to the website, code is BCHMJD.

I have had my account since Nov 18, 2010, but while I do not use it much no longer I did quite a bit back then for a couple years.

Although I will be honest, I dont think it is as good now as it used to be but it is still worth checking out.

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