Sunday, September 20, 2020

Water Storm (The Elements of Kamdaria 9)

by Kay L Moody

Awesome series continues. I was given a free ARC copy to read and am so very glad to be able to do so. I have loved this whole series so far and am really happy to see it continue. This review is my own words and honest thoughts of it.

The book series follows Talise on her adventures. You will definitely want to read them all, and the cliff hangars they leave off on makes your imagination run trying to think what could happen next in the books.

I am only going to give one small spoiler without it actually being a spoiler. In this book, there is a little girl name Willow and I have to say that I loved her characteristics. Also the ending of this book was a great way to lead into the next book.

I couldnt post this to Amazon as of yet since it is not yet released, but I hope to soon.

Book Desciption:

In the most dangerous part of the empire, Talise’s survival has never been in greater jeopardy.

And her heart has never been broken so completely.

When she discovers something is poisoning the land, the pursuit of it provides ample distraction from her aching heart. But the conflict in Kamdaria is only just beginning. Now she must choose whose side she’s really on.

Choosing one side could mean treason but choosing the other could mean death.

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