Monday, September 20, 2021

Destroyed (Birthright 7)

Written by: Bridget E. Baker

Written from Chancery's perspective for the most part, however there are a few side areas that give some insight into three others. We get to see an interesting scene from Edam's point of view when he was still a child living with his mom, which I quite enjoyed. We see something from Noah when he was 9 years old. Lastly we see something from Mahalesh, and with this chapter you get learn about how the stone was split, and more.

This was such an epic ending for the serues, so many areas had me in tears of both kinds (happy and sad). There is a few more scenes that you get to see from the past in this book, and it was so interesting to read.

I loved the ending, and am hoping to see about finding the small novella for what the ending showed.

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Book Description:

Accept the world as it is, or do something to change destroy it. In the final book of Bridget E. Baker's epic urban fantasy, find out the answers to all the questions that have been driving you mad!

The powers gathered against Chancery have been vanquished, and she has finally conquered the other five familes and assembled their stones. All she needs to do is rejoin the final stones and locate the garden so that she can fulfill the prophecy.

But not all her enemies stood outside the gates.

When her direst enemy strikes, she's woefully unprepared. She's willing to suffer the consequences of her lack of judgment, but her failure means the destruction of billions of lives. Can Chancery make the sacrifices necessary to redeem her misplaced faith, or will the Sons of Gilgamesh bring to pass the utter destruction prophesied from the beginning?

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