Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Elements of the Storm (The Elements of Kamdaria #3)

This is a book series of:
Book 9 - Water Storm
Book 10 - Air Storm
Book 11 - Earth Storm
Book 12 - Fire Storm

Written by: Kay L. Moody

These last 4 books in the saga (9, 10, 11, and 12) really wrap up all your unanswered questions that you would have thought of and more for that matter. There are answers in here that weren't even really brought up until you got the answer and was like "oh, that's something I never would have thought to question but such a great explanation even if I had questioned it"

I hope everyone checks them out cause they are packed full of action, romance, suspense, etc. It's everything you would want in a book and then more so.

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Book Description:

With her life in ruin, Talise must head to the deadliest part of the empire.

Her heart is shattered. What little hope she has is hanging by a thread. She hides in the outer ring of Kamdaria where fear, destruction, and death reign. Winter’s icy tendrils curl in each day, and her difficulties only expand.

At first, she simply wants to survive. But war is still brewing in the other rings. Even when she tries to ignore it, power and poison force her to take sides.

As her enemy is evolving, she still has to help the citizens, train with the elements, and build an army. Winter storms and surprise attacks make every day more difficult than the last. And time is running out…

If Talise doesn’t survive long enough to fulfill her duty, Kamdaria will be lost forever.

This book includes novellas 9-12 of The Elements of Kamdaria:
Water Storm, Air Storm, Earth Storm, and Fire Storm.

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