Monday, October 28, 2013

Homemade Lip Gloss

I made some homemade lip gloss. For those interested in how to do this, I will let you know what I do. It is very easy and only requires 2 ingredients. Vaseline and crayons, yes I did say crayons. :) Crayons are non-toxic so it is safe that way, but i wouldn't try it near your eyes.

Ok so to start this off you will need a glass container, sticks to stir, Vaseline, crayons of the color you want the gloss to be, and a microwave. You will also need something to put the gloss in when you are done, I usually use pill containers for this.

Place about a little more than a teaspoon of Vaseline into the glass jar. Cut up half of the crayon of your choice into small pieces and put into the Vaseline.

Place the glass jar into the microwave, put it in for 15 seconds then stir then another 15 seconds then stir and usually it will be done but if not just repeat the 15 second and stir till it is. (WARNING: glass container will be HOT).

Pour the liquid into your choice of container you want the gloss in and let it sit, to harden. Then enjoy your homemade lip-gloss.

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