Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Swipe (#1 of Swipe series)

A couple nights I started re-reading a book called Swipe. I love this story and I am always thinking about it at the most random of times.

It is a great book. It does have religion in it, though that is just fine with me, it goes in this book very nicely. Just the first sentence of the prologue draws me in. "The moon was the color of blood, and the clouds moving past were pale like bone."

Here is some info on this great first book:
Everyone get the mark when they turn 13, though there are those who didn't and they are called the Dust. You need the mark to buy anything at a store, or get paid for a job. You need the mark to vote.

Logan lives in Spokie and he is turning 13 this year and he knows he should be happy he is getting his Mark but when his older sister. Lily, had went to get her mark five years ago she died. He also feels like he is being watched, there are signs that are showing up as he gets closer to his 13th birthday.

Mr. Arbitor and his daughter Erin are moving to Spokie. Her dad works for DOME (Department of Marked Emergencies) in the city of Beacon. She goes to see her new school and finds it is interesting the way the halls are named after their views. Examples are "Amazon Wing" has a view of a rain forest from long ago, "Sahara Wing" has a view of dunes of northern Africa, and there are a few more you would like reading about.

Logan best friend is Dane who is turning 13 very soon. Dane is a singer in a band, and he cant wait to pledge for his Mark so he can start getting paid and be able to buy things.

The book also starts to talk about Hailey (who has her mark) and who Dane likes, but she had told him she liked Logan, before he got a chance to tell her he liked her.

Logan grandmother always starts to talk about how she hates having the mark and if she could get rid of it she would. She starts talking like this when it comes time for Logan to get his mark, and she did it when Lily was going to get her mark.

Hop you read this story and like it as much as I do.

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