Friday, May 9, 2014


Cassie was suspended for 3 days over the Easter holidays, meaning she was out of school total for a week. Her and Hailey were bugging a girl in school, Emily, who always was bothering them. Hailey took a video of it and they were just asking her "Are you mad? Or nahhhh". Just being silly kids on an indoor recess (after she came and bugged them and sat with them during indoor recess). Principal called me saying that they were calling her names and I had the video in front of me. The only thing that could be called name calling was Emily had said that they were driving her crazy and Cassie said she thought she already was (cause Emily always said that she was crazy and Cassie was just bugging her).

This isn't the first time there was an incident with Emily and it likely won't be that last. Cause every time that Emily starts to bug Cassie and Cassie tells a teacher, they tell her that it isn't a big deal but as soon as Emily tell a teacher she is being bugged they start to yell at that child.

The time before this was Emily had told Cassie that she had sex with their teacher who is her cousin (Mr. Leblanc) . Cassie couldn't believe it and said to a different friend that she couldn't believe what Emily was saying. Cassie removed the messages from her phone to save some memory and so we had no proof that Emily said it first. So this friend Cassie told then started to bug Emily and ask her why she said that and did she really do that. The school then got involved in it (due to the accusation on the teacher) and blamed it all on Cassie that started the rumor and told her and me, and my dad that they didn't even want her there and the teacher didn't want to teach her at all. So we had been asked to take her out for a few days so they could sort it all out. But as I said, it was all blamed on Cassie cause we didn't have proof and I couldn't get any cause I needed a court order to have Fido give me MY OWN RECORDS of the text messages.

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