Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tamagotchi Connection V3

I have the green reptile version 3. I found this at a second hand shop and bought it for $1.00 and replaced the batteries and it is good to go. Now I wanted to know about this version so I started looking up info on it, here is the info that I am going to put to good use at some point.

Order of growth:
Baby to Child: 1 or 2 hours
Child to Teen: 2 days
Teen to Adult: 1 or 2 days
Adult to Death: Age 5, 6 ,7 or if it is healthy 8. Note: Mimatchi lives longer healthier or not.

Get your Tamagotchi married:
If your Tamagotchi was 6 years old for at least 3 days, or if its 7 years old, set the time to 10:29 a.m. After setting the time, do not press any other buttons. Wait until it is 10:30 a.m. The matchmaker, named Otokitchi, will appear on the screen with a book. She will find a mate for your Tamagotchi. When she finds a mate, you will have two options. It will say, "Love?" Select "Yes" if you want your Tamagotchi to get married. You will have either a baby boy or girl with your adult Tamagotchi.

Watch adult leave its baby:
On the second sleep, set the time to 11:59 p.m. and wait one minute. The light should turn on and the adult should be gazing at the baby. About two to five minutes later, the adult should be silently leaving .The lights will turn off and the baby will be sleeping.

Always get a present when connection: Select the Connexion icon then press "Ver.3" then "Present". Then, repeatedly press B until the other person's Tamagotchi appears on your screen to give you the present.

press the A button in the shop until the shopkeeper looks surprised, then u can enter the following codes:

here is a code ABBA ACBA
here is a code CBAC CABC
here is a code BCAB ACBC
here is a code AABB CACB
here is a code CACA BABC
here is a code ACBB BACC
here is a code BCBC CABA

Cocoa Heart:
Set the date to November 14th and the time to 2:59 p.m. Wait one minute and there should be a Cocoa Heart in your shop for about 140 points.

Set the date to October 31. You will be able to buy a pumpkin at the shop.

Store sale:
Set the system date to March 1. You should be able to buy everything at half price at the store.

Set the system date to November 16. You should be able to buy everything at one quarter off at the store

Store refresh:
Set the time to 2:59 p.m., 6:59 p.m., or 11:59 p.m. It takes one minute to change.

In Tama Town, you can only gain souvenirs if your Tamagotchi username is typed in.

Point donations:
When you donate 20,000 points you will be given a password for a cape. You will then be the king's friend. When you donate 30,000 points you will be given a crown and become the Prime Minister. You will not be not able to donate any more.

Donate a total minimum of 5,000 points to get a password for PC. Go to Tamatown and go to the king. Enter the password you got from your Tamagotchi. The king will reward you a password for a ring.

TamaTown Golden Tamagotchi item locations:
Go to Forever Tamagotchi in the mall. Click on the jacket hanging on the wall, the charm on the necklace hanging on the stand, and the brown slippers under the jacket. Then, go to Lucky Tama Toys and click on the football just behind the racing car game on the floor. Go to the music shop next door to Lucky Tama Toys and click on the brown guitar on the right hand side of the store. Go back to TamaTown. Go to the school and click on the tie on the teachers hat and the paint brush on the shelf on the left hand side of the page. Then, go to the Travel Agency located on the bottom right corner. Click on the Chile map. On the top of the picture of the broken stone wall should be a cream colored hat -- click it. Go to the games arcade. On top of the Tamagotchi pictures which are just behind the other racing game should be a mini windmill. Click it. go to the Food Court next door to the games arcade. Click on the orange handbag in the second stand. Go back to Lucky Tama Toys in the mall and click on the Golden Tamagotchi poster on the wall. Cthe Golden Tamagotchi again to get the password for a Golden Tamagotchi souvenir on your Tamagotchi Version 3.

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