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League of Angels - Tycoon Strategy

Since tycoon time has started again, thought I would post this. I had this for my own records for ages. I hope this helps everyone. I know there is much more now a days but this is better than nothing xD


For both VIP's and Non-VIP's using free to play only strategies.

Prodigy it is that time again where GTA throws a cross server tycoon at us. Unless your willing to spend a lot of money you have no shot at ranking in top 200. But by no means does this mean you shouldn't participate. For simply reaching 50,000 points by the end of the event you get two pieces of godly armor and two level six fused gems. And 50,000 is not hard to reach. So I am going to lay out category by category what you earn points for and free strategies to maximize your points without spending. If you want to spend more power to you. You will get more points. But for F2P players listen up.

You get 1 point for every 10k gold you collect. Gold collected from selling items doesn't count. Gold collected from chests does not count.

VIP Strategy:
1.) Collect login bonus. For VIP 7 that is 300k gold for 30 pts.
2.) Do alchemy attempts. You get nine. For me that is 275 gold each collect for a total of 247 pts.
3.) Win at least one CS match for 500k gold in hot events. 50 pts.
4.) Loop quests and dungeons for gold. Points may vary.
5.) Do erebus for gold obtained in event. Points may vary.
6.) Get 600 erebus score. Not always possible but equals 200 pts.
7.) Wyrm race. Plunder and event rewards. Points may vary.
8.) Only plant gold in your garden. Points vary by level of your tree and soil but I get 26k gold per square per hour. 10+ pts an hour.
a.) Try planting in your garden every hour throughout the day. For smaller players whose gardens trees/soil isn't leveled you get 10k gold per 2 hours. For veteran players you get upwards of 26k per 70 minutes (-10 min if watered). Do this for 10 hours a day. Then when your sleeping small players plant the 8 hour seeds. Vets plant the 24 hour seed as it takes us around 14 hours only per seed.
9.) Do tidal pool. 400k gold hot event reward. 40 pts.
10.) Tidal pool also gives gold from catching fish. Points may vary.
11.) 500 Devotion Points for 390k gold. 39 points.
12.) Do quiz daily. Points may vary.
13.) Do world boss daily. Points may vary.
14.) Do Dragonsoul to get 150k gold from hot events. 15 points.
15.) Do inferno daily for 300-450k gold per attempt. 60 pts
a.) If it doesn't hurt your score for S/A rank try to grab treasure chests for a chance at winning more gold.
---The day before tycoon right before reset blitz 30 times in a dungeon but don't collect. Then open after reset to get all of that gold and still have 150+ stamina to do loop quests.
---I also recommend saving feast chests up between tycoons so when you open bit by bit as tycoon starts you have a ton of stamina from the chests waiting to use in the event to get more gold.

Total daily points = Minimum of 911+ points (Possibly much more).

Non-VIP Strategy:
All of the above but heavy emphasis on planting in your garden as you lose 7 alchemy attempts, and VIP login bonus. You will get roughly 85 points less each day.

You get 2 points for every soulstone collected. Soulstones collected from chests do not count.

VIP Strategy:
1.) Do Tidal Pool before and after 1200 eastern time for two pool attempts each day. 820 tidal points get you 30 soulstones from benchmark rewards plus I believe 75 from the fish. 210 pts.
2.) Explore in raiders 15 times for 50 soulstones. 100 pts.
3.) Buy from voucher shop. Points may vary.
4.) Purchase with vouchers from group buy. 200 pts.
5.) Collect from loop quests. 30 soulstones. 60 pts.
6.) Possible to get from inferno. Points may vary.
7.) 500 devotion points for 10 soulstones. 20 points.
8.) Timed login reward for 10 soulstones. 20 points.
--In inferno lvl 55 or lower you win soulstones instead of seraph stones. Also if it doesn't hurt your timed score for S/R rank try to grab treasure chests to possibly get more soulstones.

Total daily points = Minimum of 610 points.

Non-VIP Strategy:
Same as above

Angel Tears
You receive 20 points for every angel tear collected. Tears collected from chests do not count.

VIP Strategy:
1.) VIP login bonus for 8 tears. 160 points.
2.) Wyrm race rewards. Reward varies. Minimum of 60 pts.
3.) Voucher Shop. Points may vary.
4.) Group Buy. Points may vary.
5.) Angel bond hot event 45 tears. 900 points.
- If you have spare angels inherit one to the other then re-level that angel. Some have all angels maxed and cannot do this hot event.
6.) 500 devotion points for eight tears. 160 points.

Total daily points = 1,280+ points (Unless all angels maxed)

Non-VIP Strategy:
All of the above except you lose the VIP login bonus tears for a loss of 160 points daily.

You receive 1 point for every 5 gemology points.

VIP Strategy:
1.) Extra 14 energy per day equals 30-70 tycoon points.
a.) Try averaging 25 pts per energy used. Two moves for 10 pts each is 20 pts but if two moves to score lets you get a 50-60 pt gemology combo that is 25-30 points on average per energy used.
b.) If possible always save up your gem energy cards until you see a tycoon you like and are prepared to use them in for rank/pts.
3.) Use 40-50 extra energy from gem cards to get 3,000 gemology points to get 80 gem energy cards as a reward. 3k equals 600 pts.

Total daily points = 600+ points minimum (Requires 3k in gemology).

Non-VIP Strategy:
You lose the extra 14 energy per day for a loss of 30-70 tycoon points. This means you may need to use 10-20 extra energy from gem cards And be especially diligent in planning your moves in gemology to obtain the maximum amount of points possible.

SPECIAL NOTE: In most previous tycoons on the last day or two of the event they usually held some kind of gemology hot event. Since the introduction of the gem enhance tokens having both a gem hot event for gem energy and gem enhance tokens is more rare. But if this does happen you get all of the rewards for getting 20,000 gemology points. If you average 10 pts per move that would cost 2k gem energy. But at 25 pts on average per move that is 800. Usually with 60 pt combos, etc, it takes 700-750 gem energy to get 20k pts.

Bless Stones
You receive 6 points for every bless stone collected. Bless stones collected from chests do not count.

VIP Strategy:
1.) You get 8 stones from VIP login bonus. 48 points.
2.) Tidal pool for getting 820k pts gets 3 stones. 18 points.
3.) Getting 1320 raiders points get 6 bless stones. 36 points.
4.) Voucher Shop. Points may vary.
5.) Group Buy. Points may vary.

Total daily points = 102+ points.

Non-VIP Strategy:
You don't get the VIP login bonus for 48 points. They used to give 60 bless stones for doing TA each day but for this tycoon that is not the case so your just out of luck.

You receive 1 point for every runestone collected. Runes collected from chests do not count.

VIP Strategy:
1.) Do eternal spire. You receive 700-900 runes. Minimum 700 pts.
a.) Every other day don't open eternal spire after you started the blitz. Only open it after reset. The game then views this as having done six spire blitzes instead of the free three daily. Gives more prizes in hot events. Can be done three times per five day tycoon.
2.) Collect 100 runes from hot events. Collect 700 runes every other day from using the trick above. 100-700 pts. Averages to 420 pts.

Total daily points = 800+ pts (2100 pts on every other day).

Non- VIP Strategy:
You don't get to flip two cards per boss cleared in spire blitz for a loss of 30 bronze cards valued at roughly 250 pts daily. 500 every other day for six blitz rewards.

Star Cutter [aka Gem Enhance tokens]
You receive 2 points for every star cutter collected.

VIP Strategy:
1.) Achieve 2k gem points to get 30 star cutters. 60 points.
2.) Achieve 3k gem points for 190 stars in hot events. 380 points.
-- One time free hot event reward of 100 stars for 200 points.
3.) Buy 30 stars from arena shop in others tab. 60 points.

Total daily points = 500+ points (plus 200 one time pt reward).

Non-VIP Strategy:
Same as above. No one regardless of VIP status achieves 2,000 gem points with free energy with the exception of extraordinarily rare occasions. As your pushing for 3,000 daily it requires gem cards so VIP status isn't relevant. You simply may have two use 10-20 more gem energy from cards to achieve the same benchmark.

Seraph Stones
You receive 6 points for every seraph stone collected. Seraph Stones collected from chests do not count.

VIP Strategy:
1.) Do Inferno daily. You obtain between 18-26 depending upon your timed reward in the event. You receive minimum of 216 points.
2.) But up to 20 daily with dragon crests in arena shop. 120 pts.
a.) It may be wise to save up dragon crests to be able to purchase the full 20 daily for each tycoon event.
3.) Receive 30 from hot events for clearing erebus. 180 points.
4.) Voucher shop. Points may vary.
5.) Group Buy. Points may vary.

Total daily points = 526+ points.

Non-VIP Strategy:
You cannot blitz erebus so you have to manually do it daily but 300 points to receive the hot event reward is easy to do so no difference in points received for non-vip members.

Element Dust
You receive 2 points for every element crystal collected. Element dust collected from chests does not count.

VIP Strategy:
1.) Do inferno daily. 50-68 dust for rewards. Minimum of 100 pts.
a.) If it doesn't hurt your chances at an S/A rank try to grab a few treasure chests for a chance to get more element dust.
2.) Voucher Shop. Points may vary.
3.) Group Buy. Points may vary.

Total daily points = 100+ points minimum.

Non-VIP Strategy:
Same as above with no variance.

Aegis Shards
You receive 2 points for every aegis shard collected. You do not receive points for aegis shards collected from chests.

VIP Strategy:
1.) Blitz each aegis you have unlocked. The more you have defeated the more aegis' you can blitz. Strength reliant. Points depend on how many you have unlocked but average vet player gets 560-760 pts.
-- The game doesn't always let you but sometimes you can be blitzing more than one part of the game simultaneously. If it lets you blitz the highest zodiac you have unlocked right before reset but don't collect. After reset open to collect and still have your new post reset blitz attempt available.

Total daily points = 560+ minimum

Non-VIP Strategy:
Same as above with no variance.

___________________________________________________ The above numbers go off of a couple base assumptions. That the VIP players are VIP 7 in the range of level 65-75 with an average BR of 650k or so. Higher VIP numbers or lower give slightly different login rewards and many of these events don't give a set amount of points daily so I went with a conservative average number. Your total points may vary. I haven't spend a dime and have 12,475 tycoon points on the first day. Tycoons are a lot like war. You don't just jump into it. It takes planning, careful management of resources, and finding legal available loopholes in the game such as the eternal spire six blitz trick. Your points may vary depending upon your level, time committed, and other factors. But I believe with proper planning and effort it is possible for everyone to achieve the minimum points to receive the impressive rewards these events can yield without having to spend money to rank. And in single server events although slightly different many of the same strategies will help you excel and potentially rank high without having to spend. The trick is to save up the necessary resources to excel in these events and when you see a tycoon you like pounce on it. If you are willing to spend money for an extra boost more power to you. There is nothing wrong with that. But I know many of our members are full time students, facing medical problems with their families, are going through tough financial times, etc, so I wanted to create this guide to lend them a helping hand. It works just as well for spenders and will simply reinforce your progress in this event. I wish you all the best of luck.

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