Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Start of a Cold

So last night and all today I have been spending my time coughing my head off. Now my head is pounding. My throat is sore and scratchy. Along with the cough. Isn’t being sick fun everyone? And this is just the stat as we know. It will progress. 

Ok so in my apartment we have no control over the heat per place it is downstairs and only one person who has access and who is hardly ever home. And this is the first year it has been cold in my 3rd floor place. Lived here for 5 years or son  Is it cause the owner of building said not to set it as high this year since he is a new owner or is it cause the guy that does the heat hates the one family living here now. 

But because of this I now have a cold and am not happy with any of them. 

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