Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Marked: A Dystopian Romance (Sins of Our Ancestors Book 1)

Written by: Bridget E. Baker

This book kinda gives a zombie feel without the brain eating and mindless-ness. It also kind of reminded me of the pandamic of 2020 to be honest, you might figure out when reading this, but that might just be me.

The below has kind of spoilers, but not much more than what is already in the book's actual description cause I wanted to bring it out more without giving the actual plot away.

The book follows Ruby as she is becoming of age to be an adult. The book starts of with teenagers who are following a tradition that they go to a bonfire as a "rebellion" but every adult know of it and even encourage them to do. They open and eat canned food at this bonfire and play spin the bottle. We all know how spin the bottle goes, they spin a bottle and whoever it lands on you go to this shed and then the rest spin for the next to go. When Wesley spins and it lands on Ruby, she is so excited inside cause she has had a crush on Wesley for a very long time.

The sickness that marks you only starts to show just under the hairline on the forehead, which is how you tell you now have 3 years to live before dying from this. After Ruby and Wesley kiss, he pulls his bangs back and thats when she sees it, the red bumps that Mark him, meaning with this kiss, she is now exposed and pretty likely Marked as well. Ruby is furious with him and goes home to grab some things and go isolation, she grabs some of her fathers old journals. The journals send her down a path that is unforgettable and gives some twists and turns you do not see coming.

This story was so much of a page turner I couldn’t put it down even to eat. So many twists in the story and action scenes made it so there wasn’t a spot where it seemed to diminish.

I am so glad I bought this. Looking forward to reading more when I get money to buy the next book.

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Book Description:

If one touch can infect. . .

All Ruby Behl wants for her seventeenth birthday is a good career path match, and to kiss her best friend and long time crush, Wesley Fairchild. Unfortunately, the simplicity of teenage wishes evaporated a decade ago when the Tercera virus nearly wiped out the human race. Transmitted through touch, the slightest contact is prohibited in the safe haven community of Port Gibson.

Then a kiss is deadly.

An innocent game of Spin the Bottle, a rite of passage for Port Gibson’s teens, provides the opportunity Ruby’s been waiting for, but when Wesley winds up Marked, Ruby realizes her first kiss may also be her last. Ruby races the viral clock to uncover long buried secrets about her dead parents, and her once cloudy future becomes clear. She’s the key to finding the cure, but is she willing to pay the price?

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