Sunday, June 23, 2019

Annabelle Pinchum Does Addition and Subtraction

by Susan Srikant

This is a very cute and simple book to read to kids who are just starting to learn adding and subtracting. The illustrations are wonderful, the wording is not overly done, meaning that when you read each page with the words and pictures, the child or children, can view the picture on the page, and still hear whats being said without their minds and thoughts wondering away with their short attention spans lol. Great and fast book to read to any child. ^_^

I received a free copy of this book free for giving it an honest review.


Learning to add and subtract is easy and fun with this colorful picture book. Join Annabelle Pinchum as she floats through the sky, adding one friend after another. And when the adventure is through, each friend is returned to earth, one by one. The last pages of the book contain cutouts of Annabelle, her friends, numbers, and symbols so your child can make their own mathematical equations.

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