Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Humongous (& Cool) Words for Kids

SB Hilarion

Great book for helping kids to learn words

Reading this book and all the thought and pictures drawn into it, is a great experience, even as an adult you will likely learn some words that you never seen before.

If you have a child that you would like to know some big but interesting names I highly suggest that you check this book out. Not only does it give the word, the meaning, and a few pictures it even shows you the way to pronounce the word, making it easier on the adults that may not know the proper way to say it.

From the letter A to the letter Z you will have multiple pages for each letter to check out.

I received an ebook of this for free for an honest review


After immersing themselves in mantras in I AM Manifesto, young siblings Hao Finley and Sabine Yi Lee are on their journey of seeking knowledge from around the world. In Humongous (& Cool) Words For Kids, these philomaths not only learn about words from their own and other cultures and countries, they absorb new facts about stuff they thought they knew. Name the subject, they're sharing: science and math (big, uncomplicated check!), different languages ("oui, sí, shì" check!), environmental awareness (layered-atmosphere check!), etiquette (thank you, check!), music (treble clef check!), international cuisine (lots of yummy checks!), and many more.

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